A Rescue Operation

At Christ For The Nations we strongly believe that caring for orphans is a God-given priority that must be intentionally focused upon. Started by Freda Lindsay, the Orphanage Support program assists orphaned children in different countries. Most of these children have experienced terrible afflictions – neglect, abuse, slavery and the horrors of war.

The humanitarian ministry of Pastor Vasyl Dekhtyarenko, a longtime friend of CFN, helps children who have been orphaned by the recent war in Ukraine. Since 2014, the ministry has been serving refugees and the families of the fallen soldiers. Currently, they are helping 32 families, including 27 orphans. They provide them with food, clothes, vitamins, Christian literature, free legal consultation and professional counseling.

They do their best to care for “the least of these,” but the resources are very limited in the country torn by war, governmental corruption and economic upheavals. Currently there are 183 orphans on their waiting list who need help.

Pastor Vasyl says, “We want to be a touch of joy for these little ones during their toughest season. Many of the children we minister to have asked me if they would see their daddies soon. In nearly 30 years of ministry, this is one of the hardest questions I’ve ever had to answer.”

Unfortunately, orphaned and abandoned children can be found in every country, but in Pakistan, they are especially at risk. Taliban organizations target these children in order to train them to become suicide bombers.

CFNI alumni Solomon and Tina Manzoor got to “kidnap” several such children from the terrorists. The ministry of this brave couple is nothing less than a rescue operation. They say, “Our vision is to raise a new generation in Pakistan that is strong in the Lord. The children at Manzoor Orphan House go to a school run by the Salvation Army, they have daily devotions, and attend church meetings and Christian summer camps. Our staff members serve as a family to them, but we think it is imperative to lay a solid foundation of knowing God as their ever-present Father.”

Manzoor Orphan House, built with the help of CFNI’s partners, currently accommodates 40 children. As the number of children continues to increase, the orphanage desperately needs to expand. By the grace of God, the ministry was able to purchase a property and lay the foundation for an eight-story building that will house 200 children. Solomon and Tina believe that the Lord, who started this good work, will help them complete this project.

You can make a difference in the lives of the orphaned children in Ukraine and Pakistan. You donation to the CFN Orphanage Support program will help more children encounter the love of the Heavenly Father. We invite you to be a part of this rescue operation. When you invest in these children, you sow into the future of their countries.

Donate to the CFN Orphanage Support program today: cfni.org/orphans.

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