Living In The Glory Zone

(the story of David Herzog)

by Maria Erokhina

The mission of CFNI alumni David and Stephanie Herzog is to “take the Glory to the nations.” They travel around the world, carrying the message of a greater reality—the Glory Zone—that we, as believers, are called to live in.

Here is David’s story.

First Encounter With The Supernatural

David invited Jesus into his heart at ten years old. At the age of 13, David got baptized in the Holy Spirit at a youth camp. “That’s when the supernatural really kicked in,” he recalls.

Two years later, he started to teach in Sunday school. One day he asked the children if anyone was sick and needed prayer. There was a little girl who had scoliosis, and when David started praying, her legs grew out in front of all the children who were screaming in excitement. That was the first miracle that made Davis realize that God’s supernatural power “was there all along,” and he just needed to pray for people in order to activate it.

Since then, David’s hunger for God and the desire to reveal Him to others has never subsided. Living in a town with a great number of New Age followers, he wanted to show people that Jesus was more powerful that anything the devil could do.

To the Jew First

As a young man, David had an open vision of revival invading Europe, specifically France. Immediately after that vision, he wanted to launch straight into the mission field, but God told him to go to a Bible school first. David recalls, “I am so grateful that I went to CFNI. I wouldn’t have been so prepared for my future if I had not gone there. The best part of my time at CFNI was meeting my wife, Stephanie, who had the same vision as I did. We have been happily married for 25 years and have three beautiful daughters.”

July 2016, David and Stephanie spoke to 4,000 people at a hockey stadium in Budapest, Hungary

After their CFNI graduation, David and Stephanie went to Paris, France, fulfilling the vision the Lord had given them. The couple’s first year in France was very challenging, and they were fasting, praying and asking God to give them a strategy to win people in Europe to Him. As the answer to these prayers, God revealed to them the Apostle Paul’s secret of successful ministry in Europe. God made it clear to them that if they reached “the Jew first,” it would bring in a great Gentile harvest.

Having received this revelation from the Lord, David and Stephanie joined Christ For The Nations for their Israel outreach tour to bless the Holy Land and to bring the Gospel to Israelis. After that trip, their ministry took off with nonstop revival meetings that spread all over Europe. Some of these meetings lasted up to six months in one place, occupying large civic centers and being broadcasted on TV.

David states, “Blessing Israel has been a key to the blessing on our worldwide ministry.” As of today, David and Stephanie have gone to over 60 nations, holding evangelistic campaigns, hosting and speaking in conferences, equipping the saints, prophesying over government leaders and those in the entertainment industry. They have witnessed many incredible healings, miracles and deliverances confirming the Good News, many of which were shown in their television series called The Glory Zone.

The Glory Zone And The Courts Of Heaven

David ministering in St. Lucia

“The Glory Zone (or the manifested presence of God) is not the same as anointing, gifting or goose bumps,” Davis says, adding, “It’s experiencing Heaven while being on Earth. It’s the atmosphere where supernatural things of God take place.” David and Stephanie have seen people jumping out of wheelchairs, body parts growing, tumors dissolving, dead people rising to life, hair growing on bald heads, tattoos coming off and supernatural translations happening.

David also believes that every Christian has access to the heavenly realm and can experience what the Apostles John and Paul experienced when they saw the third Heaven. His first visit to Heaven happened while he was in Bethel, Israel, where God had shown Jacob the gate of heaven. After that encounter, God opened the doors for David to reach both Jews and Arabs and speak in nations like UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Indonesia and many others.

One of David’s books, Courts of Heaven, was birthed as a result of such visits. He says, “Many people come to God as their Father, Healer, Provider, but very often Christians don’t get back what the enemy has stolen from them because they don’t come to God as the Judge. Courts of Heaven explains how to go into the courtroom of Heaven and plead your case against the accuser of our brethren. When you learn how to do that, you will see fast results and answers to prayers that would not budge for years.”

Talking about the keys of entering into the Glory Zone, David says, “Praise the Lord and then worship Him until the Glory comes. Intimacy with God and waiting on the Lord are also important for unveiling this supernatural realm.”

Do These Two Things

David speaking at the Trump Hotel in Washington, DC at the Inauguration Prayer Breakfast

David encourages people to never give up on the call of God on their lives, because this is what brings true satisfaction. He says, “Live at 100 percent and know that when you’re in God’s will, He will provide for you more than what you would have if you had sought your own will. Nothing compares to the intimacy and closeness to Him that you experience when you are in His will.

Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all the other things—marriage, money, the place to live and even your identity—will be added to you. Number one—get started. Number two—never quit. If you do these two things, you will make it!”

To learn more about the ministry of David and Stephanie Herzog, go to

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Never Shrink Back

(the story of Keir Tayler)

by Maria Erokhina

Keir Tayler is modern-day apostle who exemplifies absolute commitment to the cause of Christ and calls others to a greater courage in the Gospel.

Here is his story.

Acts 9 Experience

Keir was born and raised in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). He qualified in Medical and Veterinary Technology (Histopathology and Bacteriology) and dedicated 14 years of his life to serving in the military, as a part of a Special Forces unit.

During one significant offensive operation, when their group of 70 fought against 5,000 terrorists, Keir was wounded in both legs. In agony, he cried out loud, “God if you want my life, You can have it.” The Lord answered his prayer with an Acts 9 experience—suddenly, Keir was surrounded by bright light and Jesus appeared to him, just as He appeared to Saul on the road to Damascus. God’s presence became more real to him than his pain and the terror of what he’d seen, and his bleeding stopped.

Keir (bottom row, second from right) and his fellow soldiers of a Special Forces unit

Since then, Keir’s greatest desire was to know Jesus Who came to his rescue on that battlefield. Later, someone asked him, “You cried out to God, offering to give Him your life, but He didn’t take it from you, He gave it back to you. So what are you going to do with it?” Keir’s answer was simple, “I will serve Him for the rest of my life, doing whatever He asks me.” Today, Keir has been serving the Lord for 38 years.

The Taylers Come To CFNI

In 1980, after the war in Zimbabwe was over, Keir, his wife Callie and their two small children relocated to Dallas, Texas, U.S.A., where they enrolled in Christ For The Nations Institute. Talking about his CFNI experience, Keir says, “For the first six months at CFNI, I cried every day. The worship, led by Mike Massa and Dutch Sheets, was phenomenal. For two years, I worshipped together with 1,400 students every morning, and the presence of God during those moments washed away the torment, the pain, the aguish and the memories of the war. I had a tremendous hunger for the Word of God; I took every course where His Word was taught. And the love that was there was just incredible.”

The Keirs graduated from CFNI in 1982. During their time in America, they had an opportunity to minister in many churches and were ordained by the Beverly Hills Church. Then they went back to Africa to fulfill the call of God on their lives.

Where The Streets Have No Name

Upon returning to their homeland, Keir became the children’s pastor in a local church. Later, he started taking mission trips to South Africa, Mozambique and other places. This ministry started to increase rapidly, and soon embraced other churches and ministries. That led Keir to found Hand In Hand International.  When talking about the mission of this ministry, Keir says, “My hand is in Jesus’ hand, and your hand is in mine. He trains us to raise up others. Is not about one person, but we’re a family, a church doing the Lord’s work together.” Hand In Hand International has reached 40 different nations, equipping churches and conducting over 100 open-air Gospel crusades.

This photo was taken during an open-air crusade in Mozambique

The skills that Keir had obtained while he served in the Special Forces were a perfect fit for the kind of evangelism his teams are doing. They often go to places “where the streets have no names,” and pioneer churches in areas where no one wants to go. Sometimes they have to walk for three days to get to those places, but it’s so worth it in the end. “We’ve seen amazing miracles and healings, and a countless number of churches have been planted,” Keir says, adding, “I don’t want to stop until I see the revival. CFN’s co-founder Freda Lindsay prophesized over me, saying, ‘You’ll be sent to awaken churches.’ I’ve held on to that commission, and I live to see people awaken to who God really is, to see His Kingdom manifest, to see barriers and limitations removed and signs, wonders and miracles break forth. That’s why we bring revival to the local Church—so that the Church can take it into the world.”

Longing For Revival

Keir and Callie Tayler

This passion fuels Keir to go forward. He says, “Jesus is the best encourager and friend. You can go through anything when you know that He’s close to you, that He approves and loves you. There’s nothing better in this whole world than to be a son and a daughter of the King, completing the mission He’s given you.”

Keir encourages people to press on toward the mark—to fulfill the calling and mandate of God. He says, “Never shrink back from it; give yourself to this cause completely. We’re living in the greatest times. Paul the Apostle is seriously jealous as he is looking at us—and this is just the start! I strongly believe that the best is yet to come. Keep pushing forward!”

Keir and Callie have been married for over 40 years, serving the Lord with their three children and nine grandchildren. To learn more about their ministry, visit

If you would like to connect with Keir and Callie, email them at

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CFNI – My Spiritual “Boot Camp”

By Peter Tsukahira

In the summer of 1974, I hitchhiked from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to the campus of Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas, to attend a session that was taught by the well-known Bible teacher, Derek Prince. I had heard that his teachings were powerful, but arrived there not knowing what to expect. The meeting hall was packed with hundreds of people, and Brother Derek, as he was called, was speaking with passion about “deliverance”—identifying demonic forces and casting them out.

Spring 1975 – Peter celebrating Passover with a seder (festive meal) with his fellow students

Clearly an Englishman, Derek Prince spoke with unusual conviction and authority. As a new believer, I had never heard anything like this before.  Soon I realized that I needed deliverance.  Some young people from the staff began to pray for me. Then I was taken into a carpeted room that was already full of people who were praying out loud. There was a sense of urgency and authority, as well as love and acceptance in the room.  The staff members put their hands on my head and prayed in bold voices, rebuking evil spirits and bondages that had formed in the years when I was immersed in the world of drugs and darkness. Soon, a deep sense of peace came over me.

After that experience, I knew I was supposed to attend CFNI. My wife and I said goodbye to our friends in Santa Fe and drove an old 1956 Volkswagen “Beetle” as far as Wichita Falls, Texas, where it died by the side of the road. We continued in a rented car that took the last of our cash. Friends had blessed us with a going away gift—a money order worth $250. However, soon after arriving to the school, it was accidentally put in the washing machine and destroyed. My two years at CFNI were not off to a good start!

The classes at the school were stimulating; I devoured the Bible-related studies and read chapters of the Bible every day. I knew that I was growing in faith, but it was a surprisingly difficult path. The main problem was inside of me. I felt like I was on a spiritual and emotional rollercoaster. Some of the time, I felt strong and capable of obeying the Lord. The rest of the time, I was failing. Although I was free of demonic control, my thoughts, will and emotions were still not yielded completely to God.

In addition to dealing with impure thoughts and ungodly cravings, I realized that the deeper, underlying motives of my heart were corrupt. I tried fasting to gain control over my inner life, but soon I found that even if I forced myself to stop eating, later I would sneak into the snack area and gorge myself on junk food. Things were going from bad to worse, and I wondered how long it would be before I gave up. I knew that leaving the school meant leaving the life God had for me. I was trapped and sinking.

Spring 1976 – CFNI graduation

At this very low point, two things helped me to persevere and survive spiritually. One was having believing friends and mentors, and the other was finding useful work. Dennis Lindsay, the son of CFNI’s founders, was one such friend. In spite of our hugely different backgrounds, he and his wife Ginger reached out to me. Their lives of faith, though not easy, seemed natural and unforced. They enjoyed doing fun activities in addition to their ministry work. Just being with them was an encouragement and a much needed “reality check.” I couldn’t understand how in my rough, unpolished state someone like Dennis could see anything valuable in me. One day, he told me that he let God choose his friends for him. I didn’t fully realize it then, but through our friendship, Dennis was passing on to me valuable truths about God’s Kingdom.

Another friend, a fellow student also named Dennis, helped me in quite another way. Since I had so little money, I was always looking for work. I tried selling Amway products from door to door, but quickly realized that I couldn’t succeed as a salesman. At that time Dennis came to me and said, “God told me to give you my job.” He was a commercial teller at the Guarantee Bank across from CFNI, and I was hired on the strength of his recommendation. I went to my classes in the morning and worked every afternoon. That work raised my self-esteem and helped me become more disciplined in my daily life.

John Garlock, who was CFNI’s Director at that time, heard that I had taught Japanese classes for beginners at my university and gave me an opportunity to teach Japanese to anyone interested at CFNI. A handful of students showed up, but one of them, a nineteen-year-old student named Bill Wood, showed unusual zeal. Later, he moved to Japan, married a Japanese woman, and today he is a respected teacher who has written numerous books in Japanese.

Peter with some of the African refugees that the ministry shelters

While teaching Japanese at CFNI, I began to experience a special kind of joy from the Lord. My spiritual gift of teaching was beginning to unfold; that gift continued to emerge in the years that followed. I realized that this is what I am called to do in Israel and many other nations around the world.

My two years at CFNI began the process of shaping me into the person I was created to be. It was like a spiritual “boot camp,” where I was not only learning the Bible, but also discipline and other difficult but valuable lessons in life. By the end of my time there, I felt that I was strong enough to walk out a lifestyle of faith on my own and help others in their journeys with the Lord.


Responding to God’s call, Peter moved to Israel with his family in 1987. There he co-founded Kehilat HaCarmel, an Israeli Messianic congregation, and became the director of the Or HaCarmel Ministry Center, located on Mt. Carmel in northern Israel. The vision of this ministry is to build the local, indigenous believing community by reaching out to Jews and Arabs, serving the poor, giving refuge to women and children and helping to transform the lives of those with addictions.

Peter’s international teaching ministry has impacted many around the world with an understanding of God’s heart and purposes for Israel. He is the author of God’s Tsunami: Understanding Israel and End-time Prophecy, My Father’s Business: Guidelines for Ministry in the Marketplace and Culture of the Kingdom.

Peter overlooking the Jezreel Valley where Megiddo (Armageddon) is located

He says, “Be ready to do whatever the Lord says to you. Launch out when you are young and trust Him. If you are married, pray together about every major decision, and do not make your move until you both are in agreement with God. Your gift from God will make a way for you, and He will cause all things to work together for good when you love Him and respond in faith to His call and purpose.”

To learn more about Peter and his ministry, visit,,

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God’s Plans Are Bigger

(the story of Manami Braga da Silva)

By Maria Erokhina

Manami (Mana) was born and raised in the beautiful Japanese city of Toyama. Growing up in a pastor’s home, she faced the challenges of the environment where Christians (who constitute less than 1 percent of the population) are criticized and deal with strong spiritual opposition. These family and societal pressures often cause believers to refrain from consistent involvement in church and ministry. Mana, her parents and four sisters know what it’s like to be faithful to the Lord in a culture bound by traditions, consumed by materialism and lacking a moral compass.

Mana heard about Jesus from her parents, but she never experienced the true joy of having a relationship with Him. Her heart still carried the pain from the trials she had gone through. After high school, she worked for three years in order to save money to study at Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas, becoming a CFNI student in 2012.

Talking about her CFNI experience, she says, “My time at the school was just incredible. The Lord touched me deeply there. I can’t imagine what my life would have been without CFNI. For me, it was the beginning of everything.”

Mana and her CFNI friends

At CFNI Mana met wonderful friends who supported and encouraged her, but most importantly, she received the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and her heart began to heal. Her family and the people around her noticed the changes God had made in her during her season at CFNI. She graduated from the Global Missions and Children and Family majors in 2014.

After CFNI, Mana joined the staff of Chi Alpha Campus Ministries in Tokyo, Japan. She worked with American missionaries, held Bible studies at different university campuses, helped with translation, and organized parties and events for students to have fellowship together. Every summer, they would host several short-term missionary teams who served at different churches and shared the Gospel with Japanese youth. During her time in Tokyo, Mana also taught English, both in a language school and as a private tutor.

Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, Tokyo, Japan

The transition from Dallas to Tokyo was not easy for Mana; it was difficult to come back to an atmosphere so shockingly different from the friendly Christian environment at CFNI. There were many obstacles that she had to face. She was struggling with loneliness and asking the Lord to bless her with a man that she would spend her life with. “To be honest, waiting was quite challenging for me,” she confesses, “Sometimes, I thought that I would never meet my husband. In Japan, where the percentage of Christians is very low, many Christian ladies end up getting married to unbelievers. I didn’t want to compromise; therefore, I was praying for a miracle.”

In August 2015, while visiting her family in Toyama, Mana asked her father: “I need God’s special blessing for marriage. Not a regular blessing, but a special one. Will you pray for me?” After his prayer, Mana’s heart started to race, and she knew in her spirit that she would meet her future husband soon. In response to Mana’s faith, God sent her the answer from the opposite side of the world.

Tiago Braga da Silva, a young man from Portugal, had always been fascinated by Japan and its culture and was looking for an opportunity to serve there. He arrived in Tokyo nine days after Mana’s father prayed for a special blessing on her. He was there to help build a community center in a city that had been severely affected by the tsunami of 2011. When Mana met him, she knew in her spirit that he would be her future husband. They became really good friends, started a serious relationship and then Tiago proposed to her in January of the next year. She said yes to the miracle that God had sent her. The couple was married on May 14, 2016 in Portugal, where Mana has moved and currently resides. Mana says, “I’m so happy that I patiently waited for the best man that God was preparing for me.”

Tiago and Mana’s wedding

Tiago and Mana are enjoying their marriage and serve in their local international church. “Portugal is a beautiful and peaceful country, with good weather and great food. I am still adjusting to the new environment, language and culture. With the support of my husband and our families, I am getting used to my new life. Every day, I want to count God’s blessings as I am reminded of this scripture: ‘For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future,’” she says (Jeremiah 29:11).

Tiago and Mana trust God with their future and choose to be thankful for each day. Mana says, “I give thanks to our Lord, who is the loving Director of our lives. Sometimes make our plans, but God’s plans are beyond our expectations. Praying and waiting are some of the hardest things we can do, but it’s so worth it.”

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By Michelle Ofori-Ansah

When we think of a “minister of the Gospel,” we typically think of an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor or teacher. It’s unlikely we would think of the word smuggler, let alone a Bible smuggler. However, for CFNI alumnus Patrick Klein that is a large part of his calling, and he is anointed for it. For over 20 years, Patrick Klein has helped deliver over 1 million Bibles around the world through some of the tightest security on earth.

But why would a young man, full of vitality and promise, choose such a dangerous career path? Why would he reject his comfortable American life and even risk his life to bring Bibles into closed and dangerous countries? Patrick Klein describes his motivation this way: “When you see pain and suffering up close and personal, how can you walk away from it? How can I live a supposedly normal life, the American dream, knowing girls are being sold into sex trafficking, pastors need Bibles desperately, and there are children living in the sewers? If I really had the Spirit of God in me, things that break God’s heart are going to break my heart.”

By following his heart, Patrick Klein’s clandestine ministry activities have led him to rescue sex trafficking victims over the years in countries most people are afraid to even visit (the names of the specific countries are withheld because of the danger to Patrick and his contacts). For Patrick, darkness is a quest for light, and need is a call to action. He does not shy away from danger when the souls of people are at stake.

Patrick’s passion for the lost and hurting was sparked while on a CFNI summer mission trip. He was a CFNI student, and it was his first time intentionally breaking international law. Patrick had heard about the need in one Asian country for Bibles (there was only one Bible for every 300 Christians in this unfriendly-to-the-Gospel nation), and he and his team were going to do something to help meet that need. Patrick had Bibles hidden in his checked and carry-on luggage, plus the ones he had hidden on his body under his clothes. He didn’t realize it, but his career as a Bible smuggler was about to begin.

81-year-old man receiving a Bible for the first time after decades of praying for one.

Walking through customs, trying not to appear nervous, Patrick experienced almost immediate failure. Customs officials found the Bibles in his carry-on and checked bags, but they didn’t find the ones hidden on his body. They confiscated the discovered Bibles, but cleared Patrick to enter the country. Officially a Bible smuggler, Patrick now had to repack and hide these precious Bibles again. In a rough bathroom with a “squatty potty” (just a hole in the floor), Patrick struggled to keep his bag off the wet floor and his passport from falling into the hole as he transferred the Bibles from his body to the bag. It was an extremely humid 90 degrees, and sweat dripped off his body. His only thought was, “Lord, this is what I am created to do! I love this!”

Years later, Patrick regularly smuggles Bibles into that same country and others, trusting God to bring more and more Bibles through hostile borders. On one occasion, he and his team successfully stayed below the radar of customs inspection while carrying 2 duffel bags, each with 70 pounds of Bibles, through the airport. Ten people with 140 pounds of Bibles each somehow walked right past the customs inspectors.

They weren’t even stopped and questioned. Patrick’s team was invisible! He has seen God’s protection and intervention in similar ways for over two decades. “You know, I hear some people say, ‘I just want to win one person to Jesus in my life.’  Not me, I want to win millions, tens of millions. I want to do all I can to bring Him much glory in this earth.

Tribal believer holding a Bible in her own language.

Patrick doesn’t think this is all that spectacular. He just hears a call for help and moves to answer it. “We do some dangerous stuff in our ministry, but people put their lives on the line for the Gospel all the time. Why are we, as American Christians, exempt from that?”

Patrick tells a story of one of his regular visits to an orphanage in an Asian country that houses children of sex trafficking victims. One little boy contracted HIV from his mother, who has died of AIDS. “When he came up to me, my first thought was, ‘Oh, be careful, he’s got HIV.’ And I thought, ‘Wait a minute, Jesus wasn’t afraid of the lepers, so I don’t need to be afraid of HIV.’  So I scooped him up and spent time with him. I visit as often as I can; I’m like a father figure to him. My faith has got to be bigger than any disease.

Whether he is smuggling Bibles or rescuing women from sex trafficking, Patrick isn’t afraid to wrestle with the moral implications of this radical Christianity. One American pastor refused to have Patrick in his church because Bible smuggling breaks the law. This pastor said, “If God wants the people in closed countries to have a Bible, He will change their governments.” Patrick shares, “I thought, that’s easy for you to say when your office is full of Bibles and study materials. What about the Hebrew midwives who kept the Hebrew baby boys alive when Pharaoh decreed they be killed in Egypt? Or Corrie ten Boom who hid Jews in her house against the laws enacted by the Nazi government during World War II? We’re called to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves, the weak and defenseless. I believe if Jesus were walking the Earth today, He’d be rescuing girls out of sex trafficking. If He had to turn over a few tables and brothels, then He might just do it.”

For Patrick Klein, Bible smuggling is an act of worship, obedience to his calling. Patrick lives by a simple creed: “My life is not mine; I was bought with a price, the cross. I can’t just do whatever I want to do. I belong to Jesus now, and my question is, ‘What do You want me to do Jesus?’” Not everyone can or should smuggle Bibles or rescue sex trafficking victims, and Patrick is not advocating breaking international law. But everyone has a role to play in the Kingdom. It may be traditional, unconventional or perhaps even radical, but whatever it is, it’s time to answer that call.

Patrick Klein ministering to children in Southeast Asia.

See Patrick Klein’s video here

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When Christ is Your Life

(the story of Randy Weiss)

By Maria Erokhina

Randy Weiss, Ph.D., is a Jewish believer in Christ who has over 40 years of experience in ministry, missions and media outreach. A Bible smuggler, a songwriter and Gospel artist, a college professor and a TV show host, his life has been nothing short of wonderful.

An Encounter on the Honeymoon

Randy playing in a local rock band

Before he became known for his academic achievements and television ministry, Randy was a rock and roll musician who dealt drugs and dreamed of fame. In January 1973, he eloped with an Italian girl, leaving on a combination of honeymoon and record promotion tour. On their way to Phoenix, Arizona, Randy saw a tent out in the desert. “Christ Is The Answer” was written on a big sign next to it. Randy thought to himself, “How odd! What is the question?”

In Phoenix, Randy read a book The Late Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsey that he had previously bought at a bookstore without realizing it was a Christian book. As he was reading that “all have sinned” and “the wages of sin is death,” he felt convicted. The weight of sin lay so heavily on him that he started desperately looking for something that could ease that burden. The book reveled to him the truth about the Messiah, and a miracle happened. He accepted Jesus into His life and was “set free, cleansed and made His.”

Then Randy remembered the tent he’d seen on the way. He went back there with his new wife and a friend. In the tent, there were many hippies who called themselves “Jesus People.” They were playing contemporary music, and a preacher brought the message of Salvation, followed by an altar call. At that service, Randy was given his first Bible.

 Jesus is Lord

Randy and Adrienne on their wedding day

Since that day, Randy has been preaching about the Messiah. The news of his conversion devastated his traditional Jewish family, and it took year before they started communicating with him. But he knew that the price he had to pay to follow Christ could not compare with the joy he had found.

He also started writing Christian music and got connected with a ministry that produced Christian materials for distribution to underground churches behind the Iron Curtain. Randy and his family personally smuggled these materials. He says, “Often, we didn’t have a plan when we went there. There were many situations where it was impossible to move without the Lord’s protection and intervention.”

Randy had the opportunity to share his songs with the Body of Christ in those places. One of them, “Jesus Is Lord,” was translated into many languages as it soon became a favorite among the Christian brothers and sisters in Hungary, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Greece and other countries. It was even sung at the very first Christian gathering in Communist Bulgaria that gathered about 5,000 people.

Loving The Lord

Having been a bi-vocational minister for many years, Randy thought it was time for him to leave public ministry. “I just wanted to minister to the Lord,” he says. “I couldn’t explain it to people, but I just wanted to spend time with God, telling Him that I loved Him and getting to know Him better.” At that time, God told him to go to Christ For The Nations Institute. Obeying Him, Randy moved his family from Indiana to Texas in 1992. What he thought would be one year in Dallas ended up being 25 fruitful years. Five of his children attended CFNI, and Randy became a proud grandfather of 13 “Texan” grandchildren.

Adrienne on top of their VW bug, 1973

In Dallas, Randy not only graduated from CFNI, but he stepped on the path of education that led to him earning three undergraduate degrees, two master’s degrees and two doctorate degrees. He says, “I wasn’t interested in degrees, but I wanted to learn some disciplines and find answers to my questions.” These academic pursuits were beneficial for Randy, opening many doors for sharing the truth of the Gospel.

Break Into My Life!

When Randy graduated from CFNI, he woke up to the reality of being in a “Christian bubble.” “Everybody I knew was either a pastor or a missionary. That had never been my life before – I had always been around unsaved people. I was convicted. I realized that it was not enough to minister to the Lord only; I knew I had to tell people about God. I was desperate and started looking for opportunities to do that.”

One morning he prayed: “Break into my life. Do anything You want.” That prayer was answered in an unexpected way. The same day, he received a fax message from an old friend who ran the international ministries of Dr. Lester Sumrall. He told Randy that the ministry wanted to buy some of his video equipment and offered to have him host a TV show.

“The news left me crying like a baby,” he says. That was not something he had on his radar, but he accepted the offer. Since 1994, his shows Cross Talk, Today With God and Wize Flix (children’s program) are broadcast in many different languages around the world and reach people who wouldn’t have access to the Gospel otherwise. Randy and his son also built Christian TV stations all over the USA, airing different kinds of Christian TV programs to people from all walks of life.

The Bottom Line

“God wants you to trust Him. God will equip and use every individual who is willing to say YES to Him,” Randy says, adding, “Christianity isn’t a profession. Don’t have a limited view that the only way you can serve God is in the role of a pastor, teacher or evangelist. There are many incredible opportunities to say yes to God. When Christ is your life, it’s glorious.”

To learn more about the ministry of Dr. Randy Weiss, visit and

To connect with Dr. Weiss, email him at

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Called to Love

(the story of Martin Borgai)

by Maria Erokhina

Martin Borgai has a unique story. From a wonderful encounter with the Lord that led him to quit his prestigious job and reach the lost in the slums of India, to seeing the power of God move in miraculous ways, his life is a testimony of God’s unfailing love.

“Martin, Come For the Work”

Martin grew up in Karnataka, in southern India. He enjoyed a successful career in aircraft engineering, had financial stability and a good family. However, he lived with a feeling that there was more to life.

Martin knew about God, but he had never experienced the depth of His presence. One day, as he was praying and asking God to make Himself known to him, God’s glory filled the room. The radiance was so bright that Martin couldn’t see the Person, only His white garments. Martin fell at His feet.

Jesus put His hand on Martin’s head and said, “Martin, come for the work that I want to establish through you in your country.” Martin replied, “Yes, Lord.” Immediately after that encounter, Martin contacted a pastor and was baptized. When he came out of the water, he saw the glory of God. That was another confirmation of the Lord’s calling. Martin resigned from his job and dedicated his life to pursuing God’s purpose for him.

Members of New Covenant church feed the hungry and share with them the Bread of Life, Jesus.

Martin knew that he needed to receive good biblical training in order to be prepared for ministry. He applied to Christ For The Nations Institute and was granted a CFNI International Scholarship. His two years at CFNI made a big impact on him. “I was trained, taught the Word of God and molded to be the person I am today,” he says.

While at CFNI, Martin seized every opportunity to learn, meet new people and to serve. “Before CFNI, I had a white-collar job; at CFNI I felt honored to clean up the campus. Christ had left His throne and washed the feet of His disciples, and I wanted to serve like He served,” he recalls.

Martin graduated from CFNI in 2004. In March 2005 he started New Covenant Church in his hometown, Karnataka.

A Life of Miracles

Since then, the church has grown considerably. They live like a family, sharing meals, praying and ministering to people in their community. Martin, his wife Prema and their three children serve in the church together. Martin says, “Women leading a church are not common in India. I know that the same Spirit that lives in me is in my wife, as He abides in every child of God. When my wife speaks the Word of God, God speaks through her.”

Pastor Martin praying before a shared meal

New Covenant Church reaches out to villages and slums, prisons and hospitals, bringing food, education and the Gospel to the poor and suffering. The church’s prayer team meets every night to intercede for the needs of the people. During one such prayer meeting, the team received a phone call from a married couple that couldn’t have children. Martin went to their house to pray for them. He realized that there was an obstruction coming from an evil spirit, and when he rebuked it, it left their home. Soon the couple was expecting their firstborn.

One day, a lady asked the prayer team to pray for her healing because she was suffering from severe pain caused by a tumor on her ovary. The prayer team commanded the tumor to leave her body. The next day, the doctor confirmed that she was completely healed. Because of her testimony, many people have come to the Lord.

Miracles like this happen in Karnataka on a regular basis. Broken families get restored, people become healed of various diseases and even hopeless situations turn around. Martin declares, “Wherever we go and preach God’s Word, He shows up. When we stand in faith, God confirms His Word. When we speak the Word, we speak the power of God. And when we speak the power of God, it accomplishes the will of God. But it only happens when we stand on God’s Word 100 percent, without even 1 percent of doubt.”

Preaching Through Love

New Covenant church exists to tell every person about the Savior’s love.

“We preach the Gospel through love,” says Martin. “Sometimes it’s difficult to love people who hate and reject us, but no matter what happens, love remains our choice. Jesus didn’t come to build Christianity. He came to liberate people, bless them and show them the righteous way. We’ve been following His example.

Love, servanthood, the importance of reaching the lost and unity are the foundational pillars of our church family. I learned these principles at CFNI. CFNI equipped me and made me confident that nothing can separate me from God’s love. Everywhere I go, I share what I received there.”


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The Center of Our Affection

By Zuzanna Low

Poverty was all I knew growing up in the Communist Yugoslavia. I was the youngest of 10 children, and I would often hear stories of how different life was before the new government confiscated our family estate. It was difficult for me to imagine; dirt floors, an outhouse and hand-me-down clothes from a church charity were my norm.

We attended church as a family, but I never really heard the Gospel of salvation. I was about 13 years old when, on the way to school, I encountered a Presence. It was gentle and kind, it made me feel safe. I knew that it had to be God. I started talking to Him, and I felt as if He talked back to me.

At that time, I did not fully understand what had happened, but I felt that God had marked me for influence and that I had a destiny. I continued talking to God, and when I heard the plan of salvation for the first time at the age of 18, I was very eager to accept Him and begin a personal relationship with Christ. I received the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and my life was substantially changed. He became the center of my affection.

At the age of 21, I married Jerry, a missionary from Dallas, Texas. When I met him, I noticed that he was different than other young believers I knew. He had a profound peace regardless of what he was facing, and he was crazy about Jesus. Jerry met the Lord while in prison as a result of a lifestyle of drugs. In prison, Jerry read Tortured For Christ by Richard Wurmbrand, which set his life on a course of destiny to the Balkans (Southeastern Europe). Upon being released from prison, Jerry attended CFNI in 1977-1979. Jerry often talks of his “carpet times” in the presence of God at CFNI that brought much deliverance and cleansing, setting him on a solid foundation.

Zuzanna sharing about the needs of her mission field, the Balkans

After serving in a local church for several years, Jerry answered the Lord’s call to the Balkans. Together, we served local churches in Yugoslavia until the political climate began to change and war was in the air. At that time, we had a 9-month-old son and were expecting our second baby. Our church in Dallas asked us to return to the States for a season.

In the USA, I experienced a significant culture shock. Our church was very supportive, and that helped me integrate into a new environment. In the following years, God did much work in me, setting me free and giving me a new identity in Him. I found a job in a department store in order to help provide for the family. I loved my job and wanted to represent God well, so I always gave more than what was expected as an employee. My boss saw leadership skills in me, and soon I was promoted to department manager. I remember feeling like I was on top of the world.

Around the same time, I had a powerful encounter with God at a conference. I heard a clear voice speak Acts 7:34 to me: “I have indeed seen the oppression of my people in Egypt. I have heard their groaning and have come down to set them free. Now come, I will send you back to Egypt.” I needed no interpretation – I knew that my “Egypt” was the Balkans. I knew the time was coming when God would send us back to the Balkans.

Prayer at the Upper Room Zagreb House of Prayer which the Lows host in their home

At the time, my career was my main emphasis. I attended every leadership class my company would allow and learned everything I could. However, due to a lack of a healthy work-life balance, I became burned out and empty. I realized that I had placed my career as my first focus, taking God’s place as the center of my affection. I knew that I needed to “pause my life” to make a very necessary adjustment.

With Jerry’s support, I left my job, and we moved with our three children to the campus of Christ For The Nations Institute where I became a student. I attended CFNI for three years and completed the School of Pastoral Ministry. That was a great financial sacrifice, but I look at my years at CFNI as some of the best years of my life.

While at CFNI, God confirmed my call to the Balkans over and over again, but I also felt that the time had not yet come. I returned to the business world with a renewed focus on Jesus, a healthier identity and full of renewed energy. In 2013, 25 years after we moved to the USA, God made it clear to us that it was His perfect time for us to return to the Balkans. Our children were now grown – our youngest daughter was preparing to enter college. We made all the necessary steps for a smooth transition to the mission field while leaving our children in America. Don’t be fooled, as this was not as easy as it sounds; leaving our children and our grandbaby behind was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.

Our first six months overseas were very hard. A week after we arrived to Zagreb, I lost my precious mother. Jerry, a healthy man, became very ill the day we landed – he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure – and fought for his life amid the social bureaucratic healthcare system of Croatia. He was released from the hospital with little hope for any quality of life.

“God, where are you?” I prayed. Those were very dark days for me. I left my children, my career, my secure life…my mother passed away, and now we were fighting for Jerry’s life. I never doubted our call; it was undeniable, regardless of circumstances. Many friends stood with us, choosing to believe in the goodness of the Lord rather than the report of the doctors. God answered, miraculously restoring Jerry’s health six months later.

IST Group adopted this Romanian village and regularly serves its children

In 2015, we founded a ministry based in Zagreb, Croatia called Intentional Strategies for Transformation, or the IST Group. IST Group exists to pioneer and resource redemptive transformation in Southeastern Europe. Our mission is to help the underutilized and disciple leaders, but our main priority is to make a resting place for the Lord, because we believe that only His presence can transform everything. With this focus, we founded a house of prayer, Upper Room Zagreb.

This is our story. Jerry and I have a strong burden to continue to minister the love of Jesus to the poverty-stricken people of the Balkans and to put an end to the spiritual poverty.

If you feel that you are not on the right track in life, ask yourself if God is still the center of your affection. It is never too late to make a course correction. Though it usually requires hard decisions, without these decisions you will simply not be able to fulfill your destiny.

To learn more about Intentional Strategies for Transformation, visit

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Life Poured Out

(the story of Michael Lombardo)

by Maria Erokhina

The greatest quest of his life started with one encounter…an encounter that sparked a flame in his heart, a burning desire to make Jesus known. Today, his passion is to tell everyone about the fullness of life that can be found in Christ.

Not Alone in the Room

Michael grew up in a Christian home in New Jersey. In his teenage years, the world became more attractive to him than Christianity, and he went down the wrong path. He tried alcohol, relationship after relationship, even taking and dealing drugs. He thought these things would fill the void in his heart, and they did…but only for a while, leaving him broken, lonely and empty. Depression became his constant companion, pushing him to the brink of hopelessness. He started to hate his life.

His parents continued to pray for him, and Michael credits those prayers with saving his life. He truly believes that God preserved him in several life-threatening accidents, where the cars were totaled but he came out scratch-free. “It woke me up,” he says, “It made me think that God was with me, even though I wasn’t serving Him.”

Finally, he decided to give God a chance. One night, he prayed desperately, “If You’re real, I need You right now!” Michael thought he was alone in his room, but he wasn’t. All of his fears and anxiety left as the glorious presence of God filled the atmosphere. He was overwhelmed with God’s love, peace and joy. Then he heard God speak for the first time, “Son, I have plans for your life.” God delivered Michael from “sinful baggage” that day and restored every area of his life. From then on, Jesus has been his pursuit.

 From the Prayer Room to the Mission Field

The first worship album that Michael heard after his encounter with the Lord was Christ For The Nations’ album Overtaken featuring Kari Jobe, Rick Pino and Klaus Kuehn. “Listening to that beautiful worship, I cried like a baby in the presence of God,” he remembers. God began to speak to him about attending CFNI.

The youth that Michael shared the Gospel with during his first mission trip to Thailand

“CFNI has changed my life forever. I wanted to get the most out of my time there, to separate myself and get trained for my calling, but above all, I desired to know God. I spent a lot of time in prayer and worship, and my friends started calling me a ‘prayer room guy.’ I joined the evangelism team and began to step out and push myself beyond fears and comfort to do what the Lord has called me to do,” he says.

While at CFNI, Michael took his first mission trip to Asia, and that experience lit a fire in him to reach the world for Christ. When he graduated from CFNI in 2012, he got involved with missionary work. He’s served with such ministries as Iris Global, Global Awakening and others, and preached the Gospel in many places around the world. He met his wife Selina on the mission field. Their love for God and passion for the lost, broken and orphaned make them a powerful team. Together, they’ve witnessed many people saved, transformed, delivered and healed.

Walking In Divine Destiny

Preaching to the indigenous people of Bicol, Philippines

The Lombardos were doing missionary work in Cambodia when they found out they were expecting a baby. At that time, God showed Michael a vision of a fire spreading across America. They both knew God was calling them back to the USA.

In America, their beautiful daughter, Selah Gloria, was born. Michael also brought to life a project that God had put on his heart seven years prior – he wrote the book Born For More. He says, “The purpose of Born For More is to impart in believers a hunger for more than just going to church, working and doing life; a hunger for constant fellowship with God. Once we establish an intimate relationship with God, everything else will flow out of it, come naturally…The most life-changing revelation for me was that God loves me and longs for me. When I realized that, guilt and condemnation left me, and He became my passion. I wouldn’t even want to reach the lost and do the works of God if I didn’t walk intimately with Him.”

Together Michael and Selina founded Life Poured Out (a nonprofit organization based in New Jersey) with the mission to “reach the lost, ignite the church, serve the poor.” “The name, Life Poured Out, came from the truth that just as Christ poured out His life for us, we, in turn, can pour out our lives for Him. So many believers ‘get stuck’ in the four walls of the church while God is moving us to go into all the world, preach the gospel, drive out demons, lay hands on the sick…Our passion is to preach the gospel and to empower the Church to walk in Her divine destiny,” says Michael.

Leaving A Mark

Talking about the legacy he wants to leave, Michael says, “I want to be remembered as someone who looks like Jesus, shines His light and makes a difference in the world, but also, as a man who loves his family well. I want to bring as many to the Kingdom as possible, and pass the baton to my children.”

He adds, “Life is a process and a journey, but in every season let Him teach you, transform you and prepare you for what’s ahead.”

To learn more about Michael and Selina’s ministry, visit




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Permission To Dream

(the story of Lazarus Razaily)

by Maria Erokhina

This is the story of a man who decided to choose the important over the convenient and the calling of God over the plans of people.

Big Dreams, Big Challenges

Lazarus was born into an orthodox Hindu family that was deeply involved in witchcraft and suffered grinding poverty. At a certain point, his father became very ill and was dying. A Christian neighbor told his wife about Jesus the Healer and prayed for her husband. At that time, Lazarus’ parents didn’t know anything about Christianity, but they agreed to receive the Lord in hopes that it would make the father well. A miracle happened indeed – his health was restored.

The joy of sharing food and Jesus with the people of Nepal

After their salvation, the life of the family started to improve. Nevertheless, severe need compelled the parents to send their children to the orphanage. Fortunately, it was a Christian orphanage, where the children heard about Jesus on a daily basis.

From a very young age Lazarus wanted to become a musician. He had many other dreams, too, but the economic situation in the country and other challenges were steadily choking those dreams to death. Despair was growing in his heart.

In 2001, Lazarus got connected with a group of people who were passionate about the Lord and found the place where he belonged. He testifies that his real experience of salvation happened at that time. Although the circumstances around him didn’t change, hope started to rise in his heart.

A Step of Faith Leads to Breakthrough

Lazarus was serving with a ministry that provided food for homeless children on the dirty street of Kathmandu when he found two boys who “were different from the others.” Lazarus and his brother adopted these children while they themselves struggled financially. “Right after these kids came home, God abundantly blessed us; His favor opened many doors. Our life was changed after that,” says Lazarus. Now these boys have become young men who study at university.

Lazarus, Sajana and their daughters, Avani and Subani

In 2008, Lazarus married Sajana and they began to overcome life’s challenges together. His ministry was growing quickly. He was invited to lead worship in many different places and served in the leadership of several churches. Still, he felt that there was more to life. He always wanted to become a worship pastor and start a worship school that would equip worship leaders. He was surfing the internet, looking for a school where he could get trained for that vision, and came across Christ For The Nations Institute. He applied to CFNI and was granted an international scholarship that enabled him to attend.

A Year of Change

At CFNI, God blew on the cooling ambers of Lazarus’ dreams. He felt that God gave him the permission to dream big. God also told him, “If I am with you, it doesn’t matter where you are – in the USA, Canada or Nepal – I will take care of you.”

During his one year at the school, Lazarus found direction for his life. Among many other wonderful things that happened, he received a prophetic word that he would be a church planter in Nepal.

In Dallas, he got connected and served with a Nepali Church that offered Lazarus the opportunity to become a pastor and promised to help bring his family to the USA.

Ministry outreach to a Nepali village

“The dream of every person in Nepal is move to America and break free from devastating poverty and endless hopelessness,” admits Lazarus. Although staying in America (and leading a church!) was a great opportunity, he knew that God wanted him to go back to his homeland. He had to make a difficult decision.

“I knew that I was coming back to a life of struggle. I had nothing, I was going empty-handed. I had to start from scratch with no support,” he says. In the midst of the storm brewing inside of Lazarus’ mind, God assured him, “Trust Me and I’ll show you the next step. I will open doors for you.”

He decided to follow the Lord’s call, taking the road of hardship rather than convenience.

A New Start

When Lazarus came back to Nepal, he found three families that were in a critical condition. The children had lost their fathers and their mothers were struggling to make the ends meet. Lazarus used the money that the Nepali American church gave him and sent all nine children to school. This act of kindness gave each of them a start in life.

The joy that Lazarus shared with these families was his own, too. He even prayed, “If this is what You want me to do in life, I’ll be the happiest person.” When people heard about what he’d done, they started sending their support, and now they are collectively providing for 35 unprivileged children.

Despite the delight of seeing these children taking steps toward a good future, some of Lazarus’ expectations blew up in his face. The church in Kathmandu that he had served with before coming to CFNI refused to receive him back as a leader. His desperate attempts to be heard by the church leadership and serve under their authority were not successful. It was a challenging time for him.

Alleviating the suffering of the 2015 earthquake victims

At that time, Lazarus opened his journal and found the prophetic word he had received at CFNI: “You will be a church planter in Nepal.” He got encouraged. “This is why my church is not allowing me to serve with them! I am supposed to plant new churches!” he thought. He went to tell his pastor about this vision. In spite of the perplexity of the situation, the pastor prayed over him and released him with a blessing.

Lazarus’ family, including his parents, supported him. They began to meet on a daily basis, praying, fasting, studying the Bible and seeking the Lord. “From the very beginning, our vision has been to be a church that is worshipping, Spirit-filled and grounded in the Word,” says Lazarus. After six months, God started adding new people to their congregation, Levites Church, and many were saved, healed and delivered.

In March 2014, Levites Church moved from Lazarus’ house to a bigger building. They also planted a daughter church in the neighboring town of Makwanpur and played an active role in alleviating the suffering of the 2015 earthquake victims.

Igniting the Heart of Worship

Bringing God’s presence to the uttermost parts of the world

For two years, Lazarus diligently served the people God entrusted him with. He wanted to be a faithful steward of that most valuable treasure, but the dream of igniting the heart of worship in Nepal was still burning in his heart. In 2016, God said to him, “You’ve been faithful with what I’ve entrusted you, now I want to respect your desire. Do what you have in your heart.”

From then on, Lazarus’ worship and music ministry launched quickly. God started sending him musicians, musical instruments and other necessary equipment. Now his team of 15 dedicated people travels to different parts of Nepal and India, leading worship and teaching about worship. Lately, God has been opening some amazing opportunities for them to serve and glorify Him.

It’s About Him

“My life is given to me by God to praise Him, and all that I am doing is not about me, but about Him. It’s His business, and He is more concerned about it than I am,” says Lazarus. “God’s love is what keeps me moving forward. I get my inspiration, motivation, energy, anointing and resources from Him alone. Challenges will always be there, but we have to be more focused on God rather than the problems.”

Levites Ministry’s motto is simply “Nepal needs Jesus.”

Because of people with dedicated hearts like Lazarus, Nepal has hope. If would like to connect with Levites Ministry and be part of what God is doing in this part of the world, email Lazarus at



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