God Wants You Whole

By Dennis Lindsay

My father, Gordon Lindsay, used his gift of writing to document the supernatural revival of healings and miracles that took place in America in the 40s and 50s. Being a healing evangelist himself and having
witnessed hundreds of miracles, he wrote a number of books and articles on Divine healing. As many of you may know, Christ For The Nations was born out of this healing movement and was originally called The Voice of Healing.

My father strongly believed that “it is Satan who oppresses people; it is Christ Who delivers them.” At Christ For The Nations, we continue to impart this truth to others. One of the ways we do this is through our annual Voice of Healing Conference. The essence of this conference can be described with one word — “WHOLENESS.” God wants you WHOLE, not only in your body, but also in your soul (mind, will and emotions). At The Voice of Healing Conference, we establish a biblical foundation for healing, hear amazing testimonies and experience the Holy Spirit’s powerful healing anointing.

Our last VOH Conference had the largest attendance in history — over 1,000 people gathered from all over the country to be healed, refreshed and equipped. God moved in a mighty way, especially among people who were dealing with suicidal thoughts and self-injury. During the conference, many were delivered from depression, anxiety, bitterness and even testified that their cutting scars were supernaturally removed!

This year (Sept. 14-16, 2017), we expect even greater things! Ginger and I don’t want you to miss out on this life-changing experience, so be sure to register for The Voice of Healing Conference today! We hope to see you there!

Meet The 2017 Voice of Healing Conference Keynote Speakers 

Dr. Sandra Kennedy

Dr. Sandra Kennedy is the founder and president of Sandra Kennedy Ministries, as well as the founder and Senior Pastor of Whole Life Ministries in Augusta, Georgia. She is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and is ordained by the Southern Baptist Convention. Pastor Sandra established The Healing Center, where the Word of God is exalted for healing. Now, healing teams are trained to minister the healing power of God’s Word and go into over 16 hospitals. God gave Dr. Kennedy a mandate to “Grow up the Body of Christ and teach them victory.” This mandate is evident in every facet of her ministry — through her teachings, television programs, books and conferences. She has authored numerous books, including, Preparations for a Move of God, Proving God and The Magnificent Word Sandra Kennedy of the Lord.

Peter Horrobin

In 1986, God first challenged Peter Horrobin about the healing ministry, through the restoration of an old car. God said to him, “You could restore this broken car, but I can restore broken lives. Which is more important?” After praying into this vision for sixteen years, the work was founded at Ellel Grange in the North of England, as a training and ministry center in healing and discipleship. Since then the work has expanded around the world. There are now Ellel centers or teams ministering in over 35 different nations. Peter is the author of numerous books, including Healing Through Deliverance, Forgiveness: God’s Master Key, Healing for the Victims of Accident and Trauma and Living Life God’s Way.

Billy Burke

With only days to live, Billy Burke’s grandmother discharged him from the hospital and took him to a Kathryn Kuhlman healing service. His grandmother prepared him saying, “When she touches you, you will be healed.” This is exactly how it happened. At nine years old, Billy was healed, and God introduced the “Healing Jesus” ministry to Billy. After years of traveling around the world to minister to people, God has used Billy to impart faith that brings great miracles. These healing signs and wonders manifest physically, emotionally and in creative miracles, too. Billy believes the heavens are being opened to release a greater flow of miracles than the world has ever seen. Billy’s television program “Miracles Today” is based upon Mark 10:27, “Nothing is impossible with God.”

Worship by Ana Paula Valadão, CFNI graduate



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Are You Missing Out?

by Kiplin Batchelor

“But one of His disciples, Judas Iscariot, Simon’s son, who would betray Him, said, ‘Why was this fragrant oil not sold for three hundred denarii and given to the poor?’ This he said, not that he cared for the poor, but because he was a thief, and had the money box; and he used to take what was put in it” (John 12:4-6).

Judas said a good thing! Feeding the poor is kind, noble and praiseworthy. Who would not be impressed by such thoughtfulness for the less fortunate in society? To an undiscerning person, Judas is—at this time—a champion of social justice and a lover of the poor. However Jesus, Who always sees much deeper than what worshippers advertise, saw the hidden deceit behind Judas’ beautiful facade. Judas spoke with apparent compassion, but the truth is, while Mary bowed before Jesus in vulnerable and selfless worship, Jesus’ treasurer stood tall in self!

We often don’t think of a worship setting for something like this, but how many times do people say beautiful words that are intended to impress others, so they are perceived to be more than they really are? Judas could have kept silent as a mere observer in the room, but he opened his mouth and revealed his hidden deceit in the midst of worship. He not only wanted money, he wanted to appear good to Jesus and the influential crowd of Pharisees at dinner.

Judas is a humbling reminder that the stench of a wrong motive can be present while the fragrance of worship fills a room; Judas is a timely reminder that a worshipper’s heart can shift from Jesus the Divine treasure and be preoccupied with earthly Roman coins while doing ministry. He is a reminder that one’s proximity to Jesus doesn’t guarantee or equate to intimacy—we can be in the same room with Jesus, but our heart can be a thousand miles away. The difference between Mary and Judas is the difference between impressing people or loving Jesus, and all true worshippers must crossover to loving, if worship is truly worship.

Judas cheapens an opportunity to worship! Although his words may have impressed those who were close enough, it must have been disheartening for Jesus to hear his own inner-circle-follower market a great idea and a lovely self image—yet, all the while concealing theft, misappropriation of funds and betrayal. Unfortunately, Judas missed an incredible moment to join Mary in selfless worship at Jesus’ feet! Instead of being a participant who captures and seizes a moment in extravagant worship, he became a subtle, undermining critic! Like Michal who labeled David’s worshipful dance as undignified, Judas labeled Mary’s worshipful gift as a waste. What led him to think Jesus wasn’t worth a year’s salary? I have come to realize that those who struggle with God’s worth always struggle with worship. These are always the first to criticize and attack those who pour out all at the feet of His Majesty.

What is equally powerful in this story and many others in the Bible is that Jesus is not afraid, offended or incensed at His children displaying varying expressions in worship. The God of simple and quiet reflective moments in silence before Him is also the God of the exuberant and passionate worship. When He told the religious group to leave Mary alone, He allowed her to be unconventional, undignified, unrehearsed and unperturbed by her elitist environment, her terrible past and by the propriety that filled the room. Real worship kills self image, and it must do so, or we will see ourselves more than we see Him when He shows up.

Simon the Pharisee entertained Jesus over a meal, and Judas was distracted, but Mary bypassed all the pretentiousness and superficiality at the dinner and made worship her priority. One man invited Jesus to a meal, but one woman worshipped Him at that meal — there is a big difference! We must go beyond entertaining Jesus in our lovely auditoriums and actually worship without thinking our passionate expressions are too much. Mary saw her opportunity to worship Jesus, and she took it. Will you do the same? Don’t miss out on your opportunity to worship Him!

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CFNI And The Lindsay Legacy

by Dennis Lindsay


When Joshua was about to lead the Israelites into the Promise Land, Moses gave him a directive. “When you cross over, take twelve stones and inscribe upon them the rules for blessings and curses. And when the next generation asks the question, ‘What is this memorial all about?’ explain the blessings and the curses” (Deuteronomy 27:2-4).

This is what I believe legacy is all about, and why it is strategically significant to pass on God’s initiative to the next generation. This is why we have established the 12 foundational pillars at CFN as a memorial of remembrance for the staff, the student body and all the visitors who come to CFN. Through my parents, God founded the 12 foundational pillars that have guided us and provided the blessings of the Lord on this ministry.

“We will not hide these truths from our children; we will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the LORD, about His power and His mighty wonders” (Psalm 78:4).


Spiritual inheritance is given freely to those who have withstood the trials and tests of adversity, put in the time, and paid the price. It is freely given by one’s spiritual forefathers. This means it is not to be spent on ourselves; it is given for building God’s Kingdom. We are to take what is here and pass it on to the next generation. Revivals often die and moves of God dwindle to nothing because they become “fatherless” or are not stewarded sufficiently.


Consider the Christmas story. Imagine Joseph, the husband of Mary, saying: “Why me, a simple man of trade, and why Mary? She’s just an ordinary girl—and a baby in a stable? I’m not one to second guess what angels have said, but this seems strange.”

It also seems strange that Jesus grows up in obscurity, finally comes out of the “shadows” at age 30, gathers a mixed-bag of followers, who desert Him at the moment of His greatest need. He’s buried by a rich friend after his battered body perishes. A rag-tag group of frightened men and a few weeping women are his closest friends. Bizarre! Later, after rising from the grave, He commissions this crew of misfits to take the message of His life, death and resurrection to the whole world. They are called to live sacrificially and overcome evil with good. Yet, they turned the world upside down. This story seems so unbelievable, like so many of our own.


Many were filled with wonder and apprehension when God chose my mom to lead Christ For The Nations. She carried the torch for 40 years after Dad suddenly and unexpectedly graduated to Heaven. With a German, Lutheran background, a Foursquare college degree and a Pentecostal, Texas heart, she learned to bark orders—kind of like when Jesus’ mother gave orders at the wedding in Cana. Yet, Mom had a grandmother’s heart and a heart after God. As a result of her dynamic management and leadership, the ministry took on exponential growth.


Today, one might ask, “Why me, Lord? Why do you love me, Lord, and how could you ever use me to touch others?” When I think about myself in my early years of becoming President of Christ For The Nations, I am reminded that I had no formal training for this position. The Holy Spirit spoke to me, saying, “I know you don’t have any experience, but as long as you remember that, I will use you, bless you and provide a team of individuals who can lift and hold your arms up. I am filled with wonder why God selected me—the youngest of three children—to carry on this ministry.

The prophetic words continue to confirm my appointment in light of my doubts. Yes, I am filled with wonder, but I know it is just for a season, a short assignment. I serve while watching affirmations unfold that God is even preparing my three children for appointments, if they choose to accept.


I’m blessed. I have an honored and respected family name. I have been handed a well-established ministry. All my life I have been exposed to the power of the supernatural. My parents worked laboriously and sacrificially. My inheritance came at no cost to me. Having served as President and CEO of Christ For The Nations for over 30 years, I realize I have been given the opportunity to bless future students and equip them for the ministry. I have been mentored and trained by a number of elders, and a General in the Lord’s Army—my mom.

Now, I am currently mentoring my children who have the legacy, heritage and call to continue serving in the ministry my parents founded. All three of my children were born and raised on CFN’s campus, graduated from CFNI and worked for the ministry as they were growing up. I believe I’m preparing them for leadership roles when the appointed time arrives, and they follow in their grandparents’ footsteps.

My oldest daughter, Missy, with a Doctor of Ministry (D. Min.), has a prophetic gifting and teaches with me. Hawni, my second daughter, has her Master of International Business Administration (MBA) and has the gift of management, much like my mom and my wife’s mom, who established our campus bookstore and managed it for 25 years. Hawni helps us strategize and organize key events as she has time. Our son, Golan, with his Master of Business (MBA), has become CFN’s Chief Operation Officer. After 30+ years and 101 weekly logistical meetings, I have been partially replaced by Golan. His newlywed spouse—Krissia (a CFNI grad)—has her degree in law and hopefully will be assisting with legal issues. They have given Ginger and me our first grandchild. She was named after Mom, Freeda.

It is interesting to see the strengths I believe God has given each of my children. Missy’s is righteousness and holiness, Hawni’s is excellence and professionalism and Golan’s is justice and compassion, and with his wife, Krissia, involved in law, we have a double dose of justice, along with her giftings.

Now, I am blessed to spend more time with God—praying, writing, teaching and reading His Word. My hobby of Creation Science is blossoming unimaginably. That is what I remember my dad doing every time I went into his room—praying, reading, writing another book or preparing a message.

Legacy is passing the baton to the next generation. Building a bridge for these younger warriors will enable them to carry on the ministry, to impact their generation for the cause of Christ. I look forward to what God will continue to do at Christ For The Nations with the next generation of leaders.

“Good people leave an inheritance to their grandchildren” (Proverbs 13:22).

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God’s Master Key To Prosperity

by Gordon Lindsay

There are some who would teach that poverty is a blessing. They point out that the disciples who followed Jesus were poor, and at times did not have money to pay a simple tax. They also note that many of the great saints during this age have suffered poverty and hardship. They contend that God’s blessing has been upon the poor, rather than upon those who are well off. They also point out that many of the individuals who lived during Old Testament times served the Lord faithfully until they had achieved prosperity—then they failed God.

However, while it is true that riches have resulted in some becoming proud and arrogant, it is also common knowledge that the poor can be just as deficient in character as the rich. History has recorded that many great men have come out of poverty, but there have been godly men of wealth also—Abraham is an example. It has yet to be proven whether poverty or riches, in and of themselves, are the final answer to the problem of developing one’s Christian character. However, one thing is certain: the right use of wealth is of the utmost importance in determining human destiny.

Much has been written about tithing being the key to prosperity. I believe the Bible’s teaching on tithing is sound and scriptural. In this book, I have taken consideration of this truth. However, I must add that it is my belief that in general writers have stopped short of the full answer to the question of Christian prosperity. Jesus plainly told of a master key to material blessings in this world.

Strangely enough, little has been said or written about this key. Yet, just as tithing was the master key in the Old Testament to temporal blessing (and is still important in the New), there is also a master key to prosperity in the New Testament. Even though some Scriptures present that it is dangerous for any Christian to be rich, as contradictory as it may seem, this is a totally wrong conclusion. The Bible shows that under certain circumstances a Christian may be a person of wealth! If this seems to be a paradox, let us observe that Jesus Himself affirms this statement. We also note that such wealth never comes to the Christian because they have pursued riches. It comes to those who have found and use the master key to prosperity!

Jesus spoke again and again against covetousness, which is the desire for wealth for the purpose of hoarding it, but He never said that Christians should avoid material possessions, or that they should seek poverty for poverty’s sake. If someone truly seeks the Kingdom of God, they don’t need to be anxious about the material things of life. God will meet their needs and give them an abundance of material blessings.

The bigger issue comes when mankind trusts in the wealth, instead of God. This is where we can quickly move from a place of blessing into a place of not needing to trust God. Our whole perspective becomes distorted by the false security of riches. In order to truly access the master key to prosperity, you can have money, but money cannot have you!

How is your money being used while you are alive? How will it be used after you are gone? Are you leaving some of your possessions for God’s work, or will all you have be left for others to squabble over, even as some did in the days of Jesus? (Luke l2:13). You are the one to make the decision! And now is the time to make it. It is the only way you can take it with you!

In the book, God’s Master Key To Prosperity, you will see the power that God has given to us, as His children, when He blesses us according to His promises and Word. It’s an in-depth study of who, how, why and ultimately what happened to some because of wealth or a lack of it. God does have a master key to prosperity. Let’s learn what it is, so we are not only blessed, but a blessing to others.

To learn more about this important topic, order God’s Master Key To Prosperity from cfni.org/store


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Worship At A Higher Level

by LaMar Boschman

Recently, a well-known worship leader and CFNI graduate came to me with tears in her eyes. She said, “God has blessed me with favor and notoriety in my country. Young people see that and tell me they want to be famous like me. But I tell them I began as a worship leader in my local church; I just wanted to lead people into God’s presence.” Many young, aspiring musicians have the wrong impression of what worship is. Perhaps they have not been taught worship’s true essence. There is more to experience in worship than what we have today.


In my spirit I hear the Lord’s Bride cry out for a higher level of worship, where time passes quickly in His Eternal presence. It is worship beyond mortal music making and an encounter with celestial music makers in Heaven. It is a realm beyond the worship rhetoric of men and closer to worship lyrics of seraphs. It is a place where your spirit takes wings, and you hear the lyrics that cherubs sing.

There is a higher place of worship where singers lay prostrate and musicians fall upon their guitars crying, “Holy, Holy, Holy!” At this level, the worship of the people overpowers the performance on the platform. It is where worshipers sing outside the arrangement and musicians color outside the lines, because they see the Lord high and lifted up! It is about Jesus singing to His Father in the midst of His people, and we join His song.

It is a realm where Heaven and Earth kiss and signs and wonders break out, revealing that God is among us in power. It is a realm of worship where we don’t want it to stop, we feel so satisfied and content.


Have you experienced that higher worship? Do you long for it? Do you know how to get there? I ask because some leaders or believers don’t. They might have tasted it. Enjoyed it. Wanted more of it. Prayed for it. But do they know what spiritual principles took them to that dimension?

I have discovered three things that will take you to a higher level of worship.

  1. Look up! The worship in Heaven is perfect, just like God likes it. Explore Heaven’s worship music — its characteristics, dynamics and content.

2. Study the principles of worship and music in the Bible. Take a course on the theology of worship or music and learn from the over one thousand mentions of music in the Bible.


3. Seek God in worship and prayer. Ask Him to show you the higher realm of worship. Without exception most revivals occurred as people hungered for God and waited on Him in song. In other words, when renewal comes, so do higher levels of worship and music making.

LaMar Boschman is a prolific author, keynote speaker and an adjunct teacher at CFNI for The Theology of Music and the Theology of Worship. He is a mentor to young leaders around the world. LaMarBoschman.com

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Freda Lindsay Award 2017

Bishop Anne Gimenez Becomes the 2017 Freda Lindsay Award Recipient

By Maria Erokhina

The annual Freda Lindsay Award was created to honor women like “Mom” Lindsay, who follow the call of God, overcoming opposition and cultural stereotypes. Freda was truly a pioneer during a time when women were not welcome in ministry. Her leadership skills, administrative prowess and tenacity made Christ For The Nations what it is today. This year the award was given to Bishop Anne Gimenez, a beautiful, petite woman with tremendous faith.

The ceremony started with Mike Massa’s rendition of a song, composed by Freda Lindsay. The audience followed him as he sang, “Lord, make us one today. Lord, make us one, we pray. Then all the world will say that we love Jesus. For that’s the only way we can fulfill your prayer. Lord, make us one today.”

Then, the CFNI student body, staff and guests were presented the story of “Mom” Lindsay, who used to say, “We need to look out beyond America into the rest of the world. There are too many people who are onlookers, but God is looking for those who will make themselves available.”

Dennis Lindsay, the youngest son of Gordon and Freda Lindsay and President of CFN, stated that the three “signature marks” of his mother were daily Bible reading, love for Israel and world missions.

Next, Anna Kendall and Alta Hatcher, members of the award committee, introduced Bishop Gimenez to the attendees. They thanked her for the seeds that she and her late husband John had planted in America by starting the Washington For Jesus rallies in 1980 and doing other impactful things for God’s Kingdom in the U.S. and around the world. Prophet Cindy Jacobs (who is also a part of the committee), prophesized over Bishop Gimenez, saying that the seeds she has planted will sprout with new Esthers, Deborahs and Ruths, and that her grandchildren will receive the double portion of what she’s walked in.

After that, Bishop Gimenez shared her inspiring story. Her journey in ministry started at 16 years old, on October 16, 1949, when she received the baptism in the Holy Spirit through Freda Lindsay’s teaching in a healing crusade. Since then, she knew that she was called to preach the Gospel. She recalled, “At that time, in order for a woman to be in ministry, she had to be married, or she had to be able to play the organ and sing.” But Anne thought, “I am neither married, nor gifted in music.” Then she heard the sweet voice of the Holy Spirit say, “I didn’t call you to play the organ. I called you to play on the heart strings of men with the Word of God.”

Anne and John Gimenez planted over 500 churches around the world and founded Rock Church, a mega church located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, as well as a ministry for drug addicts, unwed mothers, the homeless, Rock Christian Academy and Rock Bible Institute. Bishop Gimenez has been involved in TV ministry for many years and wrote several books, including Upon This Rock, Whose Kingdom Is It Anyway?, Beyond Tradition, The Emerging Christian Woman, Marking Your Children For God, Born To Preach and Resurrection Life Now.

This joyful 84-year-old woman, who is currently working on two new books and “doesn’t see retirement in her future,” went through a near death experience two years ago. The doctors told her daughter that her mother had a heart attack and wouldn’t live through the night. Ann’s daughter asked people to pray, and as those prayers were uttered, she watched the numbers on the monitors in the ICU change! As soon as Bishop Gimenez got out of the hospital, God told her that He would send her around the world—and this is exactly what happened! Since then, she’s preached the Gospel in Japan, Korea, Thailand, Liberia, Fiji, India and many other places.

Someone once asked Bishop Gimenez what it meant to be a woman in ministry, and her answer was: “If you can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and stay anointed (not allowing distractions and attractions to steal your anointing), you can do anything God tells you to do—and it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman.”

Anne Gimenez accredits her success in the Lord’s work to the impact of Freda Lindsay’s ministry on her life. She said, “Everything I do is connected to Freda Lindsay’s ministry; I am her downline.”

At the end of the award ceremony, Devi Titus (another representative of the award committee) stated, “One of the greatest gifts God can give you as you prepare for ministry is the gift of example.” We are truly grateful to be impacted by such amazing women of God as Freda Lindsay and Anne Gimenez!

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Melody of Love

CFNI 42nd Live Worship Recording

by Maria Erokhina

Music is powerful. It accompanies us through joy and pain, victories and loss. Music can reopen old wounds and yet bring healing, it can kindle a flame in one’s heart and cause tears to flow, drive a soul toward hopelessness or fill it with hope—all within moments.

Zephaniah 3:17 says, “The Lord your God in your midst … He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.”

Have you ever heard God sing to you? On February 10, Christ For The Nations captured this unique, pure, beautiful sound coming from the Father’s heart in our new worship album, Melody of Love.

CFNI starts every day with worship. During our morning chapels, countless students have had life-changing encounters with God. These encounters revealed their destinies and lit a fire in them that they now spread in the nations by serving as missionaries, church-planters, standing up for justice and being the voice of truth in the marketplace. Phil King, CFNI student and one of the worship leaders featured on Melody of Love, said, “This live recording was an extension of what we experience every day in chapel. The whole reason we hit ‘record’ was to capture it and send it out.”

Melody of Love is a compilation of 13 songs, most of which were written by CFNI students and alumni. Gabriel Allred, Phil King, Maddy Hunt, Jordan Stewart, Hannah Holland, Robert Quintana, Faith Schneider, Kiplin Batchelor, Stephen Azan and others, in cooperation with a featured guest, Leeland Mooring, brought this project to life. The creators of the album said that it took a miracle to prepare for the recording in a short period of time. They recall, “We would often sit down together in faith and pray, ‘Lord, we’re recording in a few weeks. We need songs.’” Time after time, God gave them words and melodies.

The title track, Melody of Love, was birthed as a result of such prayers and collaboration. It started with the line that Leeland played: “I hear you singing over me a melody of love.” Maddy Hunt, David Moore and Phil King contributed their ideas and this beautiful anthem about God’s unstoppable affection for His children was created. It starts with the words, “You have searched and known me, set Your eyes upon me. I am undone …”

Another song, Burn Spirit of God, that quickly became a favorite among CFNI students, was literally born in the shower. Phil King was getting ready to go to bed after a long day, when God dropped into his heart, “Burn Spirit of God, come fill my lungs with praise. Burn Fire of God, come seal my heart with a flame.” This song talks about offering ourselves as a living sacrifice to God and placing our lives on the altar where His fire sets us ablaze.

Incredible Love was written by two friends, Kiplin Batchelor and Stephen Azan, former CFNI students who now serve on staff at Christ For The Nations. They prayed and asked the Lord to give them a revelation of His love. Kiplin recalls, “As we were exploring the theme of love in the Bible, we were astonished to realize that love had existed before Adam and Eve met in the garden. We exist because the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Who are love, said, ‘Let’s create …’ That’s where these lyrics came from—‘Before the universe was formed, the Trinity sat enthroned in Love … Love has always been, and love will always be …’

This song carries the message of God’s incredible, selfless, timeless love that is not defined by gender, skin color, the level of your education or social status. This love gave His life for you, and it still pursues you, even when you’re at your worst.”

Some of the songs in this album came from deep places of overcoming and finding healing. Jordan Stewart was raised in a Christian home and was faithfully serving God, while keeping a terrible secret that impacted every part of her life. At five years old she was molested in the school bathroom. She confesses, “I was broken and depressed. I even contemplated suicide a few times.”

One night Jordan decided to get honest with the Lord about the things that caused her so much pain. Right then she felt an urge to go to the piano, and Take Us In came forth. God used this song to speak healing and restoration over her life. Over the years, Jordan has seen it minister to many people, helping them experience salvation and deliverance.

Nine years ago, I was singing Take Us In from brokenness. Now I’m singing it from freedom. This song reminds me of what God has done for me. It says, “You have broken the divide and You silence every lie, You trade our shame for robes of white.”

The two themes in this album are God’s passionate pursuit of our hearts and our response to His call. Both are tied closely together—when we taste God’s goodness, “Fill me, send me, I’ll go” becomes our willful choice and a joyful response.

Phil King says, “When I was a little kid, I used to hold the globe and weep over it, saying, ‘God, use me to touch the nations of the Earth.’ I felt such a strong, supernatural, fiery love for them. On the night of the recording, when we sang all these songs about going out and touching the nations, laying down our lives for the Great Commission, it was amazing to see CFNI students coming from over 60 countries to worship together. It was a dream come true.”

Christ For The Nations has been recording live worship albums for 42 years. Our songs have been translated and sung all around the world, touching thousands of lives and bringing God’s presence into countless homes, churches, cities and countries.

As you listen to Melody of Love, we pray that your heart will be open to hear the love song that’s coming from the Father’s heart.

To purchase Melody of Love, go to cfnmusic.com/42.

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Living In The Glory Zone

(the story of David Herzog)

by Maria Erokhina

The mission of CFNI alumni David and Stephanie Herzog is to “take the Glory to the nations.” They travel around the world, carrying the message of a greater reality—the Glory Zone—that we, as believers, are called to live in.

Here is David’s story.

First Encounter With The Supernatural

David invited Jesus into his heart at ten years old. At the age of 13, David got baptized in the Holy Spirit at a youth camp. “That’s when the supernatural really kicked in,” he recalls.

Two years later, he started to teach in Sunday school. One day he asked the children if anyone was sick and needed prayer. There was a little girl who had scoliosis, and when David started praying, her legs grew out in front of all the children who were screaming in excitement. That was the first miracle that made Davis realize that God’s supernatural power “was there all along,” and he just needed to pray for people in order to activate it.

Since then, David’s hunger for God and the desire to reveal Him to others has never subsided. Living in a town with a great number of New Age followers, he wanted to show people that Jesus was more powerful that anything the devil could do.

To the Jew First

As a young man, David had an open vision of revival invading Europe, specifically France. Immediately after that vision, he wanted to launch straight into the mission field, but God told him to go to a Bible school first. David recalls, “I am so grateful that I went to CFNI. I wouldn’t have been so prepared for my future if I had not gone there. The best part of my time at CFNI was meeting my wife, Stephanie, who had the same vision as I did. We have been happily married for 25 years and have three beautiful daughters.”

July 2016, David and Stephanie spoke to 4,000 people at a hockey stadium in Budapest, Hungary

After their CFNI graduation, David and Stephanie went to Paris, France, fulfilling the vision the Lord had given them. The couple’s first year in France was very challenging, and they were fasting, praying and asking God to give them a strategy to win people in Europe to Him. As the answer to these prayers, God revealed to them the Apostle Paul’s secret of successful ministry in Europe. God made it clear to them that if they reached “the Jew first,” it would bring in a great Gentile harvest.

Having received this revelation from the Lord, David and Stephanie joined Christ For The Nations for their Israel outreach tour to bless the Holy Land and to bring the Gospel to Israelis. After that trip, their ministry took off with nonstop revival meetings that spread all over Europe. Some of these meetings lasted up to six months in one place, occupying large civic centers and being broadcasted on TV.

David states, “Blessing Israel has been a key to the blessing on our worldwide ministry.” As of today, David and Stephanie have gone to over 60 nations, holding evangelistic campaigns, hosting and speaking in conferences, equipping the saints, prophesying over government leaders and those in the entertainment industry. They have witnessed many incredible healings, miracles and deliverances confirming the Good News, many of which were shown in their television series called The Glory Zone.

The Glory Zone And The Courts Of Heaven

David ministering in St. Lucia

“The Glory Zone (or the manifested presence of God) is not the same as anointing, gifting or goose bumps,” Davis says, adding, “It’s experiencing Heaven while being on Earth. It’s the atmosphere where supernatural things of God take place.” David and Stephanie have seen people jumping out of wheelchairs, body parts growing, tumors dissolving, dead people rising to life, hair growing on bald heads, tattoos coming off and supernatural translations happening.

David also believes that every Christian has access to the heavenly realm and can experience what the Apostles John and Paul experienced when they saw the third Heaven. His first visit to Heaven happened while he was in Bethel, Israel, where God had shown Jacob the gate of heaven. After that encounter, God opened the doors for David to reach both Jews and Arabs and speak in nations like UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Indonesia and many others.

One of David’s books, Courts of Heaven, was birthed as a result of such visits. He says, “Many people come to God as their Father, Healer, Provider, but very often Christians don’t get back what the enemy has stolen from them because they don’t come to God as the Judge. Courts of Heaven explains how to go into the courtroom of Heaven and plead your case against the accuser of our brethren. When you learn how to do that, you will see fast results and answers to prayers that would not budge for years.”

Talking about the keys of entering into the Glory Zone, David says, “Praise the Lord and then worship Him until the Glory comes. Intimacy with God and waiting on the Lord are also important for unveiling this supernatural realm.”

Do These Two Things

David speaking at the Trump Hotel in Washington, DC at the Inauguration Prayer Breakfast

David encourages people to never give up on the call of God on their lives, because this is what brings true satisfaction. He says, “Live at 100 percent and know that when you’re in God’s will, He will provide for you more than what you would have if you had sought your own will. Nothing compares to the intimacy and closeness to Him that you experience when you are in His will.

Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all the other things—marriage, money, the place to live and even your identity—will be added to you. Number one—get started. Number two—never quit. If you do these two things, you will make it!”

To learn more about the ministry of David and Stephanie Herzog, go to www.thegloryzone.org.

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The Impact of a Generational Blessing

by Kathy Giske

“I will make My name to be remembered in all generations” (Psalm 45:17).

Kathy Giske is a longtime friend of CFNI, a minister and missiologist. After she spoke at CFNI in March 2017, she was in prayer about CFNI and felt God speak something to her heart about CFNI’s legacy. Here is what she heard.

When God formed Adam and Eve, His intention was to create a family that walked with Him and emulated His creativity and goodness on the Earth, thus creating a legacy that would extend from one generation to the next. History reflects that, when one generation faithfully carries out its God-given mandate, God frequently continues their legacy through that family’s lineage, resulting in a generational blessing.

King David is an example of this. He used his God-given mantle of authority to faithfully carry out his mandate. After his death, Solomon continued to build on his father’s legacy, but his assignment had a different expression — that of building the temple, versus winning battles to establish Israel’s territory. When I observe the Lindsay family, I see this principle at work. Most training and academic institutions, Christian or otherwise, are usually founded by benefactors who desire to build an academic legacy for future generations. While Christ For The Nations seeks to offer academic excellence, its mandate is to also invest in future generations, creating Kingdom-minded warriors who influence culture in their respective sphere of influence.

Gordon and Freda Lindsay faithfully executed their God-given mandate through the vision of Christ For The Nations. When they were promoted to glory, their mantle passed on to Dennis and Ginger and the rest of the Lindsay family. But just like Solomon’s assignment took on a different expression, the mantle on the current Lindsay family also took on a new expression in keeping with the current move of God’s Spirit on the Earth. Meanwhile, Golan and Missy are now moving through the ranks to establish their place in the CFNI vision for their generation. As each Lindsay generation picks up the baton to continue Gordon and Freda’s legacy, they are perpetuating a generational blessing that impacts all who associate with CFNI. This includes staff, students, board members and financial partners.

When students register to attend CFNI’s training programs, they are not only benefiting from the academic and spiritual training, but they are also becoming recipients of a family’s generational blessing that is being stewarded by the Lindsay family. This is what makes CFNI unique from other institutions. When God’s people recognize how He manifests His blessing through generations, and are open to receiving it, it creates an added dimension of richness for their lives that honors God and His people. May God continue to richly bless the Lindsay family, and all who associate with Christ For The Nations.

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Abstinence (Part 2)

By Hugo Martinez

This is the second part of the article. To read the first part, click here.

Sexual abstinence until marriage is one of God’s Divine life-saving plans for us.  In 1 Thessalonians 4:4 it says, “Each of you should learn to control your own body in a way that is holy and honorable.” Paul charges believers in Thessaloniki to learn to manage their own bodies in a responsible manner before God.

Another passage, essential for understanding this concept, is recorded in 1 Corinthians 6:18: “Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a person commits are outside the body, but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body.” This means that when we participate in a sexual relationship outside of the bonds of a loving, committed marriage, we sin against our own bodies.

Someone wrote Josh McDowell a letter, which appears in his book Why Wait? The letter said, “Sinning against your own body means that you lose respect for your body, as well as for the body of the one you’re involved with. Once you lose respect for your body, it becomes increasingly easy to indulge in promiscuous sex. Your attitude toward this Divine gift becomes practically as casual as a handshake.

Once we lose respect for our bodies, our definition of love becomes distorted to the point that we begin to focus solely on its physical benefits. We eventually become trapped in the illusion of seeking love through sexual encounters. We must understand that the needs for security, commitment and unity are our most basic, foundational needs, and they cannot be substituted with the counterfeit love that the world offers. God created us with these emotional needs. This is why a teenage girl wants to be hugged; this is why a teenage boy feels the need to embrace the girl he cares about in order to make her feel protected and loved.

We may wonder where these desires come from. Without a doubt, these needs were designed by God. These cravings were created to be fulfilled within a relationship that involves trust and a mutual protection, a relationship where a couple can grow in intimacy, not only through sex, but on an emotional and spiritual level, as well. Every time we want to draw a line between sex and marriage (a life-long commitment), the relationship becomes twisted, and it is no longer protected from the issues that will try to destroy it.

The message I want to communicate to you through this article is that God loves you and wants the best—and only the best—for you. God is not saying that sex is evil or dirty; He simply created it for a specific time and place in our lives. We deprive ourselves of joy whenever we try to make our own adjustments to His original plan. He has provided us with a path to total unity and pleasure through sex, but He has also given us a specific way that we can enjoy this gift. He told us to wait until marriage because He loves us and wants us to live an abundant life.

When we choose to ignore God’s desires for our lives, we also choose to accept all the consequences that come as an aftermath of that decision. God wants to guard our lives. He also doesn’t want to see us tormented by a disease that could have catastrophic consequences for the rest of our lives. He wants us to enjoy the security and health that accompany His Divine plan.

There is absolutely no safe sex outside of marriage; anyone who says anything different is lying. Every expert that has studied this matter has discovered that the percentage of risk in any method of “safe sex” is embarrassingly high. THERE IS ABSOLOUTLY NO SAFE SEX OUTSIDE OF MARRIAGE.

The medical school at the University of Texas conducted an extensive study of the results of eleven different cases of HIV and found the following results: “In regards to HIV, the only effective method of prevention is abstaining from intercourse with anyone who may have ever come in contact with the virus. There is no other way!” Studies like this prove that there is no safe sex other than within a loving, committed marriage.

Anyone who is sexually active outside of the marriage covenant is simply playing Russian roulette. Since viruses pass from one person to another through the physical act of sex, anyone we sleep with puts us in contact with the people they have also slept with. God wants to protect us from this. He is not a distant God, sitting in Heaven, Who says that sex is a sin simply because it’s fun. God knows that there is only one way to protect us from these certain deadly diseases. That way is by remaining abstinent until we are married.

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