CFNI Live Recording 42: Melody of Love

On February 10, hundreds of CFNI students, alumni, staff and Campus Days guests gathered in the Institute Building to be a part of the 42nd annual live worship recording. Our live recordings are always a highly anticipated event at Christ For The Nations, as worship is one of the foundational pillars of our ministry.

The dream of CFN’s founders, Gordon and Freda Lindsay, was to reach every tribe and nation with the message and power of the Gospel. One of the ways this vision has come to pass is through the worship music that comes out of Christ For The Nations. Over the years, songs from CFN have been translated in many different languages and have been sung all around the globe, touching thousands of lives.

Worship songs have a unique ability to capture the atmosphere of God’s presence and recreate it in homes, churches, cities and even countries. Phil King, one of the worship leaders featured on the album, gave voice to this: “This live recording was an extension of what we experience every day in chapel. The whole reason we hit ‘record’ was to capture it and send it out.”

Our 42nd live album, Melody of Love, is focused on two major themes: Songs like, There Is No One Like You, Melody of Love, There Is No Striving, Take Us In, and Incredible Love, talk about our passionate pursuit of God and knowing the depths of His love for us. The second part of the album features songs such as Every Tribe-Every Nation, I Give It All, Burn Spirit of God, and Let The Nations Rise, which encourage us to share this love with the world and to lift the name of Jesus in every nation.

What makes this live recording truly special is that most of the songs were written by CFNI students and alumni. Phil King, Jordan Stewart, Maddy Hunt, Kiplin Batchelor and others, in cooperation with a featured guest, Leeland Mooring, brought this project to life. Every song is a part of their lives and has a special story behind it. “We wanted to give songwriting back to the students,” said Robert Quintana, CFNI’s Creative Director.

Those gathered in the CFNI Institute Building the night of the recording experienced the powerful and gentle touch of God. One of the attendees, CFNI alumna, Celeste Ramirez, said, “CFNI does it again, making history and creating a beautiful sound of worship! One of the best albums yet! CFNI is a unique place where God’s presence is experienced daily in such a beautiful and humble way. This place holds so many memories and life-changing moments for me in times of worship … The Presence last night was just incredible!”

We pray that this recording will help you hear the Melody Of Love coming from the Father’s heart.

Mark your calendar for the album release on May 5!

Preorder Melody of Love today at

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Faithful: A Worship Experience

By Kelly Head

Christ For The Nations is set to release its much-anticipated annual worship album, Faithful, which is available for purchase Sept. 11.

The album is filled with songs, hymns and spiritual songs reminiscent of the deeply spiritual worship songs from times past. “It was inspired by the desire to appeal to worshippers of all ages,” said CFNI Worship Director Jonathan Lewis, who served as the worship leader for the album. “I wanted to do something that everyone from the young CFNI students, many in their late teens, to my grandparents, who are in their eighties, would love to worship to,” said Lewis.

cfnmusic-faithful-pt1The worship album that resulted is focused on the music, the voices and the stories behind the songs. Part of Lewis’ vision for this worship album was to invite guest singers who had lived through experiences that proved God’s faithfulness. The testimonies of God’s goodness on this album will inspire and ignite faith. He shares, “I wanted this night of worship (when we recorded Faithful) to give us a chance to come and worship together, so that by the time we left, our faith would just be incredibly strengthened by how powerful our God is and how strong and faithful He is. I believe this comes through on Faithful.”

The guest singers presented testimonies including God’s preservation through a life-or-death struggle with cancer and an almost fatal heart condition that cost a drummer one hand and most of his remaining fingers. (See their stories of faith in the following pages.) Noted worship leader Tommy Walker, an alumnus of CFNI, also joined in the recordings in story and song, as did the CFNI choir, which represented believers and nationalities from around the world.

“There is real power in testimony — inherent in the meaning of the word is God’s desire to do it again, to reproduce in the life of those who hear it. So to have these people who really walked with God from the battle lines, but experienced the Lord bringing them to a place of triumph, it just adds another dimension to this album,” said Kiplin Batchelor, assistant worship director and fellow worship leader on the album. “When people hear the stories and participate in the worship from that overcoming place of faith, they will experience an incredible reminder of His faithfulness, too. Faithful, we believe, will infuse them with courage and the endurance to stand and see the miracle-working power of the Lord in their lives.”

Lewis said, “Captured on the album is the same thing we felt that night —how great our God is and how faithful He is.” And this is what makes this album important — it is a musical representation of the faithfulness of God and for the listener it will give a continuous reminder of how God has been, and will always be, faithful.

The album is set to release Sept. 11 and it is the first of a two-part series. The accompanying DVD will be coming soon. To order the CD, go to


tommy-walkerFaithful, the latest CFNI live album recording, included special guest Tommy Walker, CFNI alumnus, worship leader and the author of more than 200 worship songs including “He Knows My Name,” “Mourning Into Dancing” and “Only A God Like You.” He attended CFNI in the 1980s and credits his time with the CFNI worship group, Living Praise, as the inspiration that helped him discover his passion for worshipping God. His first “hit” song that traveled the world, “Only You,” was written while he was a student worshipper. “CFNI provided the seed for what was to come in my life, for what God was going to do in my life. As a songwriter and worship leader, I got my start here. I am so thankful that I can come here, 32 years later, and lead worship again.” Tommy led worship for two songs on the Faithful album, “Only You” and “I Love The Lord.”

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Cancer Free

By Michelle Ofori-Ansah

The music lowered and all eyes were on the slim, bent figure that walked onto the stage at the recording of Faithful in April. It took a moment for most of the crowd to recognize that it was their beloved CFNI instructor, Michael Massa, who was coming to sing a song of worship!

One of the first worship leaders at the Institute and a beloved mentor, pastor and teacher to thousands of students, faculty and staff through the years came to sing the song “Father God,” despite his loss of strength after a horrifying diagnosis.

Many were shocked because just a few months earlier Massa shared that he was in a life-or-death struggle with cancer. At the time of the recording, Massa was finishing up chemotherapy, still frail and needing help to stand on the stage, but he was confident in his triumphant testimony of God’s healing work through prayer and medicine. Now, he is cancer free, and his story encourages us that God is faithful to us even through difficult circumstances.

mmassaMassa’s symptoms began with severe pain in his abdomen. His doctor originally thought it was just an overgrowth of bacteria in his GI-tract. Over the next month, his symptoms grew worse and rather than proactively determining what the issue was, he just ignored it. “I realized later I was afraid of finding out what the problem really was,” he said.

Finally, he returned to the doctor who found a mass in his abdomen. Massa wanted to wait for treatment as his youngest son’s wedding was around the corner (and he was officiating). But a couple of weeks after the diagnosis his wife Nancy and their family realized he was in much worse shape than he was acknowledging so they quickly took him to the emergency room. At this point, he had lost 70 pounds due to extreme pain and lack of appetite. Within 30 minutes of entering the hospital, he was admitted to the ICU and he didn’t leave for eight days. “The doctor told me that I was within two days of dying, so Jesus saved my life in spite of my stubbornness and in spite of my fear. He was still faithful to His promises to me, even though I wasn’t aware of my great need,” he declared.

Massa was diagnosed with lymphoma, a large mass in his abdomen. But he always knew that God was not the source of this disease. “I know the enemy attacked me. The sickness did not come from the Lord,” he said. The couple stood in faith for his healing. At the same time, they pressed forward with the recommendations of their doctor, including chemotherapy. Unfortunately, there were serious side effects he had to deal with. “One medication I was on would cause panic attacks and extreme anxiety especially in the evening. That had never been a problem for me; it’s just not in my nature. But now I would be like a 3-year-old, who was afraid of the dark, lying in bed trembling and terrified. Nancy would come, embrace me and stay with me. This happened over and over again for a couple of weeks. I am convinced that the drugs were opening me up to a spiritual attack, and that demonic activity was taking advantage of this season.”

“Nancy and I are convinced that healing came to us through the prayers of the CFNI student body . . . There was a substantial spiritual awareness that God was daily carrying us.”

At this time, his support was his wife, who would pray with him, for him and against these spiritual forces of fear. But he also felt the prayers of family, friends and more importantly the CFNI student body who saw Massa as a member of their own family. “Nancy and I are convinced that healing came to us through the prayers of the CFNI student body. There were others praying, but the student body was praying consistently, day after day. There was a substantial spiritual awareness that God was daily carrying us.” They stood on God’s Word for healing and through the love and prayers of CFNI students, they walked through the various stages of chemotherapy, including further weight loss, hair loss and weakness.

Now cancer free and on the other side of this ordeal, Massa gives his perspective on this unexpected detour. “Throughout this journey, I never had a moment where I was upset with God because I didn’t see it as coming from Him. I was always aware that these mutating cancer cells are fighting the processes the Lord has established for our health. They are rebellious to the will of God in my body. My testimony is that there is no cancer in my body! I’m gaining new strength all the time, and I have gained 30 of the lost pounds back—I don’t actually want all 70 pounds back!” he joked.

“I want to say thank you to everyone who prayed for me, and to let you know that God is absolutely trustworthy. Don’t ever doubt when you’re praying for someone, but believe that God hears you and responds just like He did for me,” he encouraged.

Michael Massa is an instructor and the Institute Chaplain at CFNI. Michael’s ministry is called Convergence Ministries, which serves leaders and churches. He and his wife, Nancy, live in the Dallas area and have four children and two grandchildren.

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CFN Foundational Pillars: Worship

By Dennis Lindsay


People like noise because of “presence.” Have you ever wondered why restaurants have their PA system so loud? Why is it that when people walk into their homes they turn on the television, especially if they are alone? Why is it that during the holidays many people suffer from loneliness? What is it that loneliness cries out for? Loneliness wants presence, but whose presence? Sight and sound represent presence. The Bible tells us the only way to really fill the emptiness we are experiencing during times of loneliness is our relationship with Jesus Christ. God says to the believer experiencing times of loneliness, to spend time in His presence.

God has designed mankind in such a way that only His presence will fully provide lasting peace and satisfaction. When we seek God in worship, He reveals His presence to us so we can have a loving, intimate relationship with a Friend Who never leaves us.


It is worship that brings us into the presence of God. In Psalm 42, we read about David who expresses his hunger and thirst for the presence of God. He writes, “As the deer pants for water so my soul longs for you, oh God.” One of CFNI’s alumni, Marty Nystrom, wrote the famous praise chorus, “As the Deer,” while he was here. The chorus has been sung all over the world. Marty shares that it was the Holy Spirit Who gave him the chords when he was struggling with depression and loneliness. Afterwards, Marty learned the blessings of entering into the presence of God.


It is interesting how God worked in the people in the Bible. God created Adam and Eve to have fellowship with Him and to be in His presence. Later, God visited Abraham, had dinner with him, and made a life covenant with him. In Exodus 3:12, God reveals himself to Moses in the burning bush. In Joshua 1:5, God tells Joshua, “Just as I have been with Moses, I will be with you.” In Hebrews 13:5, God says, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” All through the Scriptures, God reveals His presence because He wants to be with mankind.

I was returning home after completing my final master’s class at Oral Roberts University when I received the most devastating phone call. All I could do was turn to God in worship. Five minutes after the call, I saw a billboard sign on the highway depicting the twin towers on fire in New York City. The billboard read, “Yea, though I walk through the valley, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me.” Suddenly, all fear left me; I had a rush of God’s presence saying, “Trust Me.” Over the next several months, my worst nightmare turned into the greatest testimony of God’s deliverance. It was God’s presence that carried me through.


Sometimes I’ve wondered how believers could sit for hours just worshiping God. Now I know it’s His presence. Experiencing His presence is far more than just an intellectual understanding that God is everywhere — that He is omnipresent. Experiencing the presence of God means to be empowered. True worship empowers us with strength when we are tired, weary, exhausted and worn out physically, mentally and emotionally. True worship empowers us with an unspeakable, supernatural peace which we cannot understand. True worship empowers us with supernatural courage which brings contentment. Fear vanishes when we are in the presence of the Almighty. Our needs are met no matter what they may be, and we become confident that God will see us through.


It is one thing to have the Holy Spirit living inside of us, but it’s another to be aware of His presence. God not only wants us to be aware, but to be sensitive to His presence. When God speaks to us, it will always be consistent with His Word and the life of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Sometimes during the night, I may wake up and be aware of God’s presence. I begin to worship Him, and ask Him to speak to me which He does. I now know to get up, turn the light on, and write down what the Holy Spirit says. If I didn’t, I would not remember those encouraging words the next day.

Earlier in my life, I received a wonderful dream about future events for my family and me. I did not get up and write them down. The following morning I recalled having this incredible dream, but I couldn’t remember one detail.


There are individuals who know nothing about the presence of God; yet, if or when something happens, they quickly blurt out, “Thank God.” Individuals often make such spontaneous responses even though they haven’t thought about God or thanked Him in years. The reason for this is that every individual has been hardwired to experience the presence of God. They realize there had to be “Somebody” Who protected them. God is actually using this situation to reveal Himself to them.

God wants us to become conscious of His presence. This has to be the greatest experience we can ever know. Life is not easy as it presents us with many distractions. For many believers the last thing we have time for is to be alone with God. We all have distractions such as family, children, education, television, the Internet, not to mention church activities. If we are truly going to experience the presence of God, we must adjust our priorities. God wants our fellowship, and He’s done everything possible to make it a reality.


Probably the most difficult issue in discovering the presence of God is the need to surrender.

Surrendering is at the heart of worship, and it is a prerequisite for entering into the presence of God. Surrender is not a popular word. It implies losing, and no one likes to yield to a stronger opponent. In today’s competitive culture, we’ve learned to never give up or give in. However, surrendering to God should be an automatic response once we have felt His amazing love and mercy. We surrender ourselves to Him, not out of fear or duty, but in love, “because He first loved us.” Entering into the presence of God during times of worship brings God pleasure, and this happens when we give ourselves completely to God.


Anyone who is familiar with CFNI worship knows that there is something unusual and special about this expression. My sister, Shira, and other visiting speakers who have traveled all over the world visiting schools, churches and ministries have observed that the worship here is unique. It is something the Holy Spirit Himself implements — not mankind regardless of our abilities and giftings. Students will tell you that what they enjoyed the most while attending CFNI is the worship they experienced. The presence brings renewing, refreshing and healing. It is not possible to be in His atmosphere — His presence — and not leave changed!

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by Michelle Ofori-Ansah 

In a joyous Texas-sized celebration this past October, Golan Gordon Lindsay married his beautiful sweetheart Krissia Sanabria, a CFNI alumnus and a lawyer from Honduras currently studying to obtain her U.S. bar acceptance. Celebrating with friends and family from many nations of the world, they made a covenant before God promising to honor, love and obey until death do they part. In his written portion of the vows, Golan said, “When I say I love you, this is what I mean: I will cherish you as a gift from God, celebrate you for who you are, honor you above myself, serve you with joy, support your vision and dreams, and sacrifice for you . . . ”

For those who know the Lindsay family, the beautiful depth of love displayed held tremendous significance. Since Golan grew up in what often felt like a fishbowl, a common situation for those whose family is well-known in ministry, and because he had troublesome spots as a youth, his story is especially compelling. With Golan now part of the leadership of the worldwide ministry, Christ For The Nations (CFN), and the understanding of how “Mom” Lindsay had said that she hoped that her grandson Golan might carry out the legacy of leadership for the ministry one day, seeing whom he had chosen to be his life partner and companion in that role was important for those who know and love the family and ministry.

Golan grew up living on CFN’s campus as the son of Dennis and Ginger Lindsay, the current President and Chief Operating Officer of CFN. He is the first to say he was “raised right” but didn’t always seem to make the right choices. “I constantly got into trouble. I lived on the edge, testing boundaries, often obliterating them and doing whatever I wanted to do.”

“My heart wanted to do right, but I just gave in a lot, and when I gave in I couldn’t stop. I used to crave the excitement, and I just did what I wanted. Afterward, I would ask, ‘God, why can’t You just take this desire from me?’”

In the spiritual tug-of-war he was experiencing, it was his parent’s godly marriage and steadfast testimony that reached him through the darkness he felt surrounded in. Golan knew he had to make a big change if he was ever to have that reality himself. So he left Tulsa having completed his B.A., and came home .

“I just knew I was tired of living this way,” he said. “I saw in my parents’ lives that they were blessed. Their lives were going in the right direction and mine was going very wrong. I didn’t want to choose this wrong path anymore. I saw my friends in the clubs and how their lives were messed up because of their lifestyle. I wanted to choose the path my parents had chosen, serving the Lord because even though it was often hard, they were very blessed.”

In His enormous faithfulness, God reached out to meet Golan exactly where he was. As he felt himself turning from the world back toward God, Golan shared his desire to make right choices with his mom and she encouraged him — he could do it. He had tried before, but this time it was different — over the next month, God sparked a passion for the Word and prayer in him. “After this point, I didn’t have any desire to do those sinful things anymore,” he explained of receiving his God-given freedom.

Over the next years, Golan earned his MBA and worked in the Christ For The Nations business office as Director of Human Relations and then Director of Operations. “The Lord did a miracle. He put an excitement in my heart to read good books, read the Word, to be in prayer. I took a year off sports; I didn’t play, I didn’t watch TV and that was the best time of my life. I was so content and nothing could bother me. I just wanted God,” he explained.

It’s clear now that that precious time was about God setting the stage to answer the deep desire of Golan’s heart; to have a life blessed like his parents, to come together in love and marriage with a God-fearing woman and to face life together.

Golan met his future bride, Krissia, about five years later. He had been walking with God and doing his best to follow His plan, not actively looking for his future wife. Then he saw Krissia and everything changed. They met when she started at Christ For The Nations Institute, and got to know each other on the CFN Israel Tour, which she was invited by her pastor to join.

“After the Lord helped me to turn my life around, I knew the type of woman I wanted to marry, but I really didn’t think I would be able to find someone who I was attracted to, yet who also had a strong relationship with the Lord — until I met Krissia. There was no playing on the edges of things, or finding gray areas with her. She truly lives a life above reproach. And, she is beautiful as well,” he said with a smile.

Krissia herself was born in El Salvador. While her story is different from Golan’s in many ways, she also went through trials testing her faith and obedience. She vividly remembers that her mom first came to know the Lord when Krissia was only 5 years old, becoming the first Christian in her family. Her dad, however, was against Christianity and did not approve of her mom taking Krissia and her older sister to church. This was such a struggle between Krissia’s parents that it resulted in a one-year separation. But it was during this time that a tenacious ability to stand in prayer for an answer from God was birthed in this young girl. Not only did her father eventually come to the Lord, he received a call into ministry. Years later, the entire family moved to Honduras as missionaries to pastor a church. So, Krissia too is familiar with growing up in a ministry family and the sacrifices involved. She also shares a wonderful spiritual legacy she has in her parents.

Krissia remained steadfast in her faith throughout her life, spending time under the leadership of Pastors Ricardo and Reina Salazar from Cristo A Las Naciones ministry. She was a youth pastor, worship leader and held many ministry leadership roles, yet keeping a heart of obedience to the Lord to wait for the right one was still a struggle at times. Her pastor, Ricardo Salazar, was a CFNI graduate so she had a longtime desire to attend the renowned institute to sharpen her ministry call although she had to wait until it was the right time. Throughout her undergraduate and master’s degrees, she sought God for her husband and for the release to attend CFNI. While waiting was hard, she determined to follow God’s plan no matter the sacrifices required.

It was eight years after it had been on her heart to attend CFNI, and going now required laying down a profession, friendships and leadership roles. But, she was reminded of the call she had felt on her life for ministry, and so she came.

Just three months later she would meet Golan Lindsay. “Even though it didn’t look like it at times, my life was not about waiting, but committing myself to the plans of the One that never fails,” she said with joy.

Two years after meeting, Golan proposed to Krissia in Jerusalem. Then, just five months later, they were married. As they stood at the altar before God and their community, they came with their unique story, showing an outward triumphant testimony of their obedience to the God who never fails — joined in joy by the many loved ones who undergirded and stood through many years to contend for God’s best for them.

Golan shared his thoughts on his new marriage, “I am blessed beyond measure by Krissia. Her walk with God inspires me and I love that. God has truly done ‘exceedingly abundantly above all that I ask or think’ (Ephesians 3:20).” Krissia is the crowning jewel in Golan’s testimony, he says, proof that redemption is possible and beautiful.

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40th Album Released

by Maddy Hunt 

Christ for the Nations Worship released a sound this November. The latest in a significant legacy of worship, Kingdom marks CFNI’s newest, much anticipated 40th album.

The uniqueness of this album started with the live recording. From song selection to the setting of the stage, the recording of the live worship experience captured in Kingdom was marked by fervor and intimacy. The stage setting, featuring exposed light bulbs, tribal rugs, and contrasting cool and warm tones, generated a closeness and anticipation in the audience.

No laser shows in sight, the lilting sounds of a violin gave expression to stirring hearts in a packed auditorium. The focus remained on the Lord during songs such as “Love Has Come,” written by Jonathan Lewis, a moving proclamation of the reality of Jesus’ relentless and present affection for us. As if answering the heart cry of the audience, there were tangible experiences of God’s power. “During the recording, my Campus Days guest worshipping in the balcony was spontaneously baptized in the Holy Spirit and received his prayer language,” shared CFNI alumnus Brad Snyder.

cd_jewelcase_KINGDOM2The album recording captures the flavor and heart of the live worship experience and also the power and presence of God felt by attendees at the recording itself. “God’s presence filled the room. And that same anointing is captured on the live recording,” said Jacob McConnaughy, CFNI student and live recording attendee. The organic tone of the worship experience complemented the songs chosen for the album roster, some of the best yet to emerge out of CFN music.

Some highlights of the songs on the recording include former CFNI worship leader Klaus Kuehn, who made a surprise guest appearance on “The Whole Earth.” Also, student-featured songs included a gritty, declarative rendition of “Spirit Burn” led by Michael Goude, and the powerful, anointed vocals of Johnni Pitscheneder on “Great Is Thy Faithfulness.” Worship leaders around the country will enjoy adding songs from Kingdom to their Sunday morning repertoire, especially “Let Us See,” a fantastic upbeat song for corporate praise originally written and performed by CFNI’s Youth for the Nations band.

A milestone in CFN Music and of particular note to fans of CFNI worship, Kingdom marks the end of one era and the start of a new one. Longtime CFNI worship leader Gabriel Allred said goodbye after six years, leaving behind a legacy of faithfulness and excellence. His songs “I Give Myself Away” and “When the Lamb Appears,” a spontaneous song marked by Spirit-led intensity, can be heard on the new album.

To purchase Kingdom on iTunes, click here.

Christ For The Nations’ next live worship recording will take place on April 10th, 2015.

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CFNI Graduation December 2014

by Maddy Hunt

Dec. 12, 2014- Family and friends of 153 graduates gathered at Christ For The Nations (CFN) in Dallas, Texas, in celebration of the Institute’s December commencement.

Names of countries such as the United Kingdom, Senegal, Botswana and India were called out as students carried the banners of their respective homelands down the aisle in CFNI’s traditional flag procession. Over 30 different nations were represented by these graduates.

1974061_10154921927450442_1031295256216396304_oDean of Students Randy Delp delivered the invocation for the ceremony, and the crowd stood as students Suzanne Peeples, Deidre Anguiano and Joshua Faz sang a sailing, goose-bump inducing rendition of the national anthem. Next, visitors were able to experience a taste of morning chapel at CFNI as Jonathan Lewis and Kiplin Bachelor led everyone in worship, the atmosphere electric with uplifted hands and hearts. In their seating section, the graduates were not hesitant to jump around and praise the Lord, despite their possibly cumbersome blue robes.

Dr. Dennis and Ginger Lindsay, President and COO of CFN respectively, succinctly welcomed friends and family members, making special mention of those who had been so constant in financial and spiritua l support for the students’ years at the Institute. Dr. Lindsay commented on the power of prayer, while Mrs. Lindsay declared her hope for the students as they left – that they would “have a heart for the world, just as the Lord does.”

Steven Goude, Student Body President, was then invited up to encourage his classmates. Goude gave a rousing exhortation to the students, using anecdotes to emphasize the waiting phase in God’s plan for their lives. Steven explained that just as the best things are hidden and saved for special occasions, so God hides away those who are special for release in His timing and plan.

Dr. James Marocco, Senior Pastor of King’s Cathedral and Chapels in Maui, Hawaii, and alumnus and board member of CFN, was then introduced to the stage. Marocco delivered a powerful charge to the class of fall 2014, speaking about vision.

10835196_10154921924485442_8431519559219635964_oReferencing the story of Elisha’s prayer that his servant’s eyes would be opened in 2 Kings 6, Marocco shared that true vision, the ability to see clearly, is a work of the Holy Spirit. He encouraged the students that it’s in God’s nature to give vision, and explained that the four biblical ways this Holy-Spirit-empowered sight comes are through experience, a prophetic word, a prayer burden like Nehemiah or a challenge like David had with Goliath. He encouraged the students and audience members to contend for godly vision and for His will for their lives.

Mrs. Lindsay then gave special recognition to a graduate, The Honorable Carolanne M. Bassett, who is an Independent Senator and the Senate President of Bermuda. Mrs. Bassett has been attending Christ For The Nations the last three years and graduated with a Bachelor of Practical Ministry.

10842035_10154909969145442_2472614609447149769_oAfter this, diplomas were handed out with students joyfully shaking the hands of the Third Year Major directors and professors as their names were called. Dr. John Hollar gave his first benediction and blessing as Institute Director, and smiles spread across many faces as the graduates were released from CFNI into the world to make Jesus’ name famous in the earth.

To see more pictures from CFNI’s December Graduation, click here.

Christ For The Nations is an international, interdenominational organization which exists to train and equip men and women with the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit and with a lifestyle of worship, to reach the nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We seek to expand the Kingdom of God worldwide by providing resources for the completion of church buildings, caring for orphans, supporting the nation of Israel, humanitarian relief efforts, establishing and strengthening international Bible schools and the distribution of Christian literature. To find out more about Christ For The Nations Institute, visit




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Music Monday – January 13th, 2014

Top Five Christ For The Nations Albums of All Time

by CFN Music

1.) Glorious

2.) No Ordinary Love

3.) 37

4.) Make Me Shout

5.) Responding


Christ For The Nation’s newest live worship album “No Ordinary Love” is now available for download through the following distributors:  iTunes  /  Amazon  /  Google Play 
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Music Monday – January 6th, 2014

Top Five Classic Worship For All Time

By Brandt Tilley

1. Shout To the Lord
Taken from Psalm 96, “Shout To the Lord” is sung by an estimated 25 to 30 million churchgoers every week. Darlene Zschech’s powerful anthem helped establish Hillsong as a global leader for the Church and changed the face of modern of worship. Intimate lyrics combined with powerful declarations of God’s power and majesty make “Shout To the Lord” one of the greatest Christian songs!

2. Heart of Worship (When the Music Fades)
Matt Redman’s “Heart of Worship (When the Music Fades)” depicts worship as being something more than a song. Finding wholeness by simply offering oneself in worship is the motif of this song. Matt Redman wrote this song from a desire to put performance aside with a mission to reach the heart of God. “Heart of Worship” is a bare-bones, go after God song, and is a must have.

3. Hungry (Falling on My Knees)
Recorded during a worship revival in the United Kindgom, Kathryn Scott’s “Hungry (Falling on My Knees)” set a new standard for minimalistic/grass-roots worship songs. “Hungry” is a powerful anthem declaring our sole need for Him. With an acoustic base and forward vocals, it offers a warm and intimate worship experience. Simply put, “Hungry” is a transformational song that transcends the ebb and flow of modern worship.

4. How Great is our God
“How Great is Our God,” written by Chris Tomlin, has become an icon of the modern worship chorus; perfectly balanced between contemporary rhythms and traditional hymn-like melodies. Based on Psalm 104, “How Great Is Our God” asks that in everything, in splendor and in power, from the Godhead through eternity, how great is our God?

5. How He Loves
“How He Loves” was written out of a time of painful loss that fueled a wonder at God’s amazing love for us. John Mark McMillan penned the song after hearing his friend say that he would “give his life” for God’s people, and then tragically dying that night. This anthem of God’s love for us through any circumstance enflamed a young generation of worshipers, and has since become a guiding light for people everywhere seeking hope.

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The Making of No Ordinary Love


Christ For The Nation’s newest live worship album “No Ordinary Love” releases on Tuesday, November 5th, 2013. CFN Music Manager, Alex MacDougall gives The Voice Online a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the album, which is available for download through the following distributors:  
iTunes  /  Amazon  /  Google Play  /  Spotify


During discussions for the next Christ For The Nations’ worship recording, it was envisioned that the Spring 2013 project should be different from both “37” and “Uncreated One.”  The desire was to bring new sounds, new lyrics, new expressions, and some new people into the equation. As we prayed, we asked God to show us what He wanted and to direct our steps.

Immediately, we received a song submission from a worship leader and homemaker in Virginia.  We had never spoken with Calie Garrett before, but her song “Holy” captivated our hearts, imaginations and spirits.  We knew that God was moving as more songs arrived. Patrick Curry, a first year student at CFNI, submitted a song entitled, “Lose Myself in Your Love.”  Not only is the song exceptional and lyrically filled with sound truths, Curry wrote the song when he was just 18 years old! We also identified a brand new song connecting within the UK Vineyard churches. “Come In” is an invitation for our God to invade our hearts and lives.  It’s a sweet song that quickly resonated with all of us at CFN as well.

Gabriel Allred expressed a desire to add Jeremy Burk to the recording team. Jeremy’s ministry is based in San Antonio, and he has been a guest over the years at Christ For The Nations.  Jeremy is an eclectic addition to the mix. He is primarily a blues/rock guitarist and singer, and so adding him to the team “shakes things up” a bit.  Jeremy co-wrote the new song, “Cover Me With Oil,” with our own Gabriel Allred.

But unknown to us, the addition of Jeremy would provide the title to the project, “No Ordinary Love,” (Jealous Jealousy), a cornerstone song to the recording.  God truly had been at work since the planning of this project began in November 2012.

Jeff Sparkman, a previous contributor to CFN, along with Gabriel, wrote a magnificent addition to the traditional hymn, “Oh The Blood Of Jesus”, entitled “”White As Snow.”  This new version will echo in churches for many years to come.

Jessica Freeman-Collins penned a melody and brought it to Gabriel.  Together, they wrote the lyrics to this new melody and created a happy song of thanks called, “Good To Me.” It is unlike any praise song I have ever heard. (It is currently available for download on Soundcloud.)

CFN Music truly hopes that “No Ordinary Love,” will bless and edify you, and that its songs will bless the Father as you learn them for yourselves. The album releases on November 5, and is available on iTunes as well.

-by Alex MacDougall, CFN Music Manager
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