Freda Lindsay Award 2017

Bishop Anne Gimenez Becomes the 2017 Freda Lindsay Award Recipient

By Maria Erokhina

The annual Freda Lindsay Award was created to honor women like “Mom” Lindsay, who follow the call of God, overcoming opposition and cultural stereotypes. Freda was truly a pioneer during a time when women were not welcome in ministry. Her leadership skills, administrative prowess and tenacity made Christ For The Nations what it is today. This year the award was given to Bishop Anne Gimenez, a beautiful, petite woman with tremendous faith.

The ceremony started with Mike Massa’s rendition of a song, composed by Freda Lindsay. The audience followed him as he sang, “Lord, make us one today. Lord, make us one, we pray. Then all the world will say that we love Jesus. For that’s the only way we can fulfill your prayer. Lord, make us one today.”

Then, the CFNI student body, staff and guests were presented the story of “Mom” Lindsay, who used to say, “We need to look out beyond America into the rest of the world. There are too many people who are onlookers, but God is looking for those who will make themselves available.”

Dennis Lindsay, the youngest son of Gordon and Freda Lindsay and President of CFN, stated that the three “signature marks” of his mother were daily Bible reading, love for Israel and world missions.

Next, Anna Kendall and Alta Hatcher, members of the award committee, introduced Bishop Gimenez to the attendees. They thanked her for the seeds that she and her late husband John had planted in America by starting the Washington For Jesus rallies in 1980 and doing other impactful things for God’s Kingdom in the U.S. and around the world. Prophet Cindy Jacobs (who is also a part of the committee), prophesized over Bishop Gimenez, saying that the seeds she has planted will sprout with new Esthers, Deborahs and Ruths, and that her grandchildren will receive the double portion of what she’s walked in.

After that, Bishop Gimenez shared her inspiring story. Her journey in ministry started at 16 years old, on October 16, 1949, when she received the baptism in the Holy Spirit through Freda Lindsay’s teaching in a healing crusade. Since then, she knew that she was called to preach the Gospel. She recalled, “At that time, in order for a woman to be in ministry, she had to be married, or she had to be able to play the organ and sing.” But Anne thought, “I am neither married, nor gifted in music.” Then she heard the sweet voice of the Holy Spirit say, “I didn’t call you to play the organ. I called you to play on the heart strings of men with the Word of God.”

Anne and John Gimenez planted over 500 churches around the world and founded Rock Church, a mega church located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, as well as a ministry for drug addicts, unwed mothers, the homeless, Rock Christian Academy and Rock Bible Institute. Bishop Gimenez has been involved in TV ministry for many years and wrote several books, including Upon This Rock, Whose Kingdom Is It Anyway?, Beyond Tradition, The Emerging Christian Woman, Marking Your Children For God, Born To Preach and Resurrection Life Now.

This joyful 84-year-old woman, who is currently working on two new books and “doesn’t see retirement in her future,” went through a near death experience two years ago. The doctors told her daughter that her mother had a heart attack and wouldn’t live through the night. Ann’s daughter asked people to pray, and as those prayers were uttered, she watched the numbers on the monitors in the ICU change! As soon as Bishop Gimenez got out of the hospital, God told her that He would send her around the world—and this is exactly what happened! Since then, she’s preached the Gospel in Japan, Korea, Thailand, Liberia, Fiji, India and many other places.

Someone once asked Bishop Gimenez what it meant to be a woman in ministry, and her answer was: “If you can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and stay anointed (not allowing distractions and attractions to steal your anointing), you can do anything God tells you to do—and it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman.”

Anne Gimenez accredits her success in the Lord’s work to the impact of Freda Lindsay’s ministry on her life. She said, “Everything I do is connected to Freda Lindsay’s ministry; I am her downline.”

At the end of the award ceremony, Devi Titus (another representative of the award committee) stated, “One of the greatest gifts God can give you as you prepare for ministry is the gift of example.” We are truly grateful to be impacted by such amazing women of God as Freda Lindsay and Anne Gimenez!

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