The Impact of a Generational Blessing

by Kathy Giske

“I will make My name to be remembered in all generations” (Psalm 45:17).

Kathy Giske is a longtime friend of CFNI, a minister and missiologist. After she spoke at CFNI in March 2017, she was in prayer about CFNI and felt God speak something to her heart about CFNI’s legacy. Here is what she heard.

When God formed Adam and Eve, His intention was to create a family that walked with Him and emulated His creativity and goodness on the Earth, thus creating a legacy that would extend from one generation to the next. History reflects that, when one generation faithfully carries out its God-given mandate, God frequently continues their legacy through that family’s lineage, resulting in a generational blessing.

King David is an example of this. He used his God-given mantle of authority to faithfully carry out his mandate. After his death, Solomon continued to build on his father’s legacy, but his assignment had a different expression — that of building the temple, versus winning battles to establish Israel’s territory. When I observe the Lindsay family, I see this principle at work. Most training and academic institutions, Christian or otherwise, are usually founded by benefactors who desire to build an academic legacy for future generations. While Christ For The Nations seeks to offer academic excellence, its mandate is to also invest in future generations, creating Kingdom-minded warriors who influence culture in their respective sphere of influence.

Gordon and Freda Lindsay faithfully executed their God-given mandate through the vision of Christ For The Nations. When they were promoted to glory, their mantle passed on to Dennis and Ginger and the rest of the Lindsay family. But just like Solomon’s assignment took on a different expression, the mantle on the current Lindsay family also took on a new expression in keeping with the current move of God’s Spirit on the Earth. Meanwhile, Golan and Missy are now moving through the ranks to establish their place in the CFNI vision for their generation. As each Lindsay generation picks up the baton to continue Gordon and Freda’s legacy, they are perpetuating a generational blessing that impacts all who associate with CFNI. This includes staff, students, board members and financial partners.

When students register to attend CFNI’s training programs, they are not only benefiting from the academic and spiritual training, but they are also becoming recipients of a family’s generational blessing that is being stewarded by the Lindsay family. This is what makes CFNI unique from other institutions. When God’s people recognize how He manifests His blessing through generations, and are open to receiving it, it creates an added dimension of richness for their lives that honors God and His people. May God continue to richly bless the Lindsay family, and all who associate with Christ For The Nations.

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