God’s Master Key To Prosperity

by Gordon Lindsay

There are some who would teach that poverty is a blessing. They point out that the disciples who followed Jesus were poor, and at times did not have money to pay a simple tax. They also note that many of the great saints during this age have suffered poverty and hardship. They contend that God’s blessing has been upon the poor, rather than upon those who are well off. They also point out that many of the individuals who lived during Old Testament times served the Lord faithfully until they had achieved prosperity—then they failed God.

However, while it is true that riches have resulted in some becoming proud and arrogant, it is also common knowledge that the poor can be just as deficient in character as the rich. History has recorded that many great men have come out of poverty, but there have been godly men of wealth also—Abraham is an example. It has yet to be proven whether poverty or riches, in and of themselves, are the final answer to the problem of developing one’s Christian character. However, one thing is certain: the right use of wealth is of the utmost importance in determining human destiny.

Much has been written about tithing being the key to prosperity. I believe the Bible’s teaching on tithing is sound and scriptural. In this book, I have taken consideration of this truth. However, I must add that it is my belief that in general writers have stopped short of the full answer to the question of Christian prosperity. Jesus plainly told of a master key to material blessings in this world.

Strangely enough, little has been said or written about this key. Yet, just as tithing was the master key in the Old Testament to temporal blessing (and is still important in the New), there is also a master key to prosperity in the New Testament. Even though some Scriptures present that it is dangerous for any Christian to be rich, as contradictory as it may seem, this is a totally wrong conclusion. The Bible shows that under certain circumstances a Christian may be a person of wealth! If this seems to be a paradox, let us observe that Jesus Himself affirms this statement. We also note that such wealth never comes to the Christian because they have pursued riches. It comes to those who have found and use the master key to prosperity!

Jesus spoke again and again against covetousness, which is the desire for wealth for the purpose of hoarding it, but He never said that Christians should avoid material possessions, or that they should seek poverty for poverty’s sake. If someone truly seeks the Kingdom of God, they don’t need to be anxious about the material things of life. God will meet their needs and give them an abundance of material blessings.

The bigger issue comes when mankind trusts in the wealth, instead of God. This is where we can quickly move from a place of blessing into a place of not needing to trust God. Our whole perspective becomes distorted by the false security of riches. In order to truly access the master key to prosperity, you can have money, but money cannot have you!

How is your money being used while you are alive? How will it be used after you are gone? Are you leaving some of your possessions for God’s work, or will all you have be left for others to squabble over, even as some did in the days of Jesus? (Luke l2:13). You are the one to make the decision! And now is the time to make it. It is the only way you can take it with you!

In the book, God’s Master Key To Prosperity, you will see the power that God has given to us, as His children, when He blesses us according to His promises and Word. It’s an in-depth study of who, how, why and ultimately what happened to some because of wealth or a lack of it. God does have a master key to prosperity. Let’s learn what it is, so we are not only blessed, but a blessing to others.

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