Kingdom Influence in the Marketplace

by Will Ford

My father once told me the story of a man who went to Nelson Rockefeller to make a business offer. Rockefeller decided not to take the deal, but as a consolation, he offered to allow the gentleman the opportunity of walking with him on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. When Rockefeller walked on the floor of the exchange, everyone took notice of the person walking with him. Rockefeller lent the credibility of his trustworthy and powerful name to this man; as a result, people who would not listen to him before were suddenly willing to hear what he had to offer. Rockefeller added importance and weight to this man, who was now able to find investors for a multi-million dollar deal.

Proverbs 22:1 says, “A good name is more desirable than great riches.” The reason being that a credible reputation carries “weight.”


One definition of weight is the sense of someone who conveys importance just by their presence. When someone influential walks into a room, people take notice.

The primary Hebrew word for glory in the Old Testament is kabod, which means “weighty presence.” When Solomon dedicated the Temple, we see that the glory of God fell and the priests could not stand in order to minister (see 2 Chronicles 5:14). The priests fell to the ground, coming under the literal weight of God’s presence. Kabod was carried by those who had weight or importance. As they made decisions for their culture, their decisive words had weight because of their fellowship with God. The weight of His glory empowered their authority, and God released His influence through them to advance His Kingdom. With His glory, God bestowed upon them His importance.


In the book of Acts, we learn that we are to be partakers to a degree of the same glory. According to Acts 1 and 2, 120 disciples spent 10 days in obedient fellowship with God in prayer. Much like their 120 priestly forerunners in 2 Chronicles 5:12–14, when the glory of God fell in the Upper Room, these “priests” had a hard time standing up as well. As a result of their intimate fellowship with Christ, when they used Jesus’ name, He backed them up. You see, it is one thing to walk with a Rockefeller, but it is another thing altogether to walk with the Rock of Ages.

Not only could everyone recognize that these believers had been with Jesus by their words, they also saw that He still walked with them through the person of the Holy Spirit. Jesus’ followers had the influence of heaven because He gave them the credibility of His name. This was possible because they had an intimate relationship with Christ.

As Christ’s followers walked into the room, so to speak, the whole atmosphere changed. People recognized their importance to God as He worked with the believers, performing signs, miracles and wonders. Lost people understood their importance to the Lord through the disciples’ message of Christ’s love for them. The weight of His glory produced incredible results. They spoke and ministered in great power and authority, and people received what they had to say. On the Day of Pentecost, about 3,000 souls were added to the church (see Acts 2:41).

Paul was by no means a spiritual gunslinger, but he definitely threw his weight around in the right places. He did not throw his weight or influence around earthly men first; he initiated it first in the heavenly places through prayer. He was known there because he walked with God. From the example of Paul and the other disciples, we learn a powerful truth regarding the weight of Jesus’ name and our relationship with Him. It is simply this: When your name is written in heaven, Jesus gives you His glorious name to write history on earth.

The apostles’ intimate fellowship with God resulted in His glory being released through them. Cities and entire regions were changed because the weight of God’s influence empowered the believers’ Kingdom message.


Just as God used those early disciples to transform the world, He wants to use His disciples today to transform the workplace.

My friend Falma Rufus is an awesome woman of faith and prayer whom God has used powerfully in the workplace as an intercessor. She was working in a corporate office when God began speaking to her about her co-workers. Falma started going to work early every day to pray for them, anointing their chairs as she did so. On occasion she fasted for them as well.

Doors began opening for Falma to share God’s love with her co-workers. People shared their life circumstances with her. Some came to her office for prayer for physical ailments and were healed. Before long Falma’s office had developed a reputation that she was not even aware of. She would come back from meetings or from lunch and find people sitting in her chair. She finally asked one of her co-workers what was going on. Her co-worker replied, “Oh, I thought you knew. People call your chair the ‘healing chair.’ We come into your office because there’s a presence here.”

The weight of Christ’s influence changed the atmosphere of Falma’s work group. Believers and unbelievers alike were drawn to her office, and many lives were saved, healed and changed because of her relationship with God. God also blessed the work of their hands, as Falma’s group was among the top performers in their company. And because Falma proved herself to be a woman of integrity, God also gave her influence in company decisions. Her superiors held her in high regard, and Falma’s words had substance because she walked into work with the Rock of Ages.

When you go to work, does the atmosphere change when you walk into the room?

If you wholly set yourself apart and abandon yourself to God, He will use you — as a carrier of His glory — to change the atmosphere of your home, neighborhood, workplace and region. When you fellowship with God in worship, fasting and prayer, people will begin to look around and say, “Who just walked into the room?” Then you can introduce them to the influential Person you are walking with: Jesus.

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