Living In The Glory Zone

(the story of David Herzog)

by Maria Erokhina

The mission of CFNI alumni David and Stephanie Herzog is to “take the Glory to the nations.” They travel around the world, carrying the message of a greater reality—the Glory Zone—that we, as believers, are called to live in.

Here is David’s story.

First Encounter With The Supernatural

David invited Jesus into his heart at ten years old. At the age of 13, David got baptized in the Holy Spirit at a youth camp. “That’s when the supernatural really kicked in,” he recalls.

Two years later, he started to teach in Sunday school. One day he asked the children if anyone was sick and needed prayer. There was a little girl who had scoliosis, and when David started praying, her legs grew out in front of all the children who were screaming in excitement. That was the first miracle that made Davis realize that God’s supernatural power “was there all along,” and he just needed to pray for people in order to activate it.

Since then, David’s hunger for God and the desire to reveal Him to others has never subsided. Living in a town with a great number of New Age followers, he wanted to show people that Jesus was more powerful that anything the devil could do.

To the Jew First

As a young man, David had an open vision of revival invading Europe, specifically France. Immediately after that vision, he wanted to launch straight into the mission field, but God told him to go to a Bible school first. David recalls, “I am so grateful that I went to CFNI. I wouldn’t have been so prepared for my future if I had not gone there. The best part of my time at CFNI was meeting my wife, Stephanie, who had the same vision as I did. We have been happily married for 25 years and have three beautiful daughters.”

July 2016, David and Stephanie spoke to 4,000 people at a hockey stadium in Budapest, Hungary

After their CFNI graduation, David and Stephanie went to Paris, France, fulfilling the vision the Lord had given them. The couple’s first year in France was very challenging, and they were fasting, praying and asking God to give them a strategy to win people in Europe to Him. As the answer to these prayers, God revealed to them the Apostle Paul’s secret of successful ministry in Europe. God made it clear to them that if they reached “the Jew first,” it would bring in a great Gentile harvest.

Having received this revelation from the Lord, David and Stephanie joined Christ For The Nations for their Israel outreach tour to bless the Holy Land and to bring the Gospel to Israelis. After that trip, their ministry took off with nonstop revival meetings that spread all over Europe. Some of these meetings lasted up to six months in one place, occupying large civic centers and being broadcasted on TV.

David states, “Blessing Israel has been a key to the blessing on our worldwide ministry.” As of today, David and Stephanie have gone to over 60 nations, holding evangelistic campaigns, hosting and speaking in conferences, equipping the saints, prophesying over government leaders and those in the entertainment industry. They have witnessed many incredible healings, miracles and deliverances confirming the Good News, many of which were shown in their television series called The Glory Zone.

The Glory Zone And The Courts Of Heaven

David ministering in St. Lucia

“The Glory Zone (or the manifested presence of God) is not the same as anointing, gifting or goose bumps,” Davis says, adding, “It’s experiencing Heaven while being on Earth. It’s the atmosphere where supernatural things of God take place.” David and Stephanie have seen people jumping out of wheelchairs, body parts growing, tumors dissolving, dead people rising to life, hair growing on bald heads, tattoos coming off and supernatural translations happening.

David also believes that every Christian has access to the heavenly realm and can experience what the Apostles John and Paul experienced when they saw the third Heaven. His first visit to Heaven happened while he was in Bethel, Israel, where God had shown Jacob the gate of heaven. After that encounter, God opened the doors for David to reach both Jews and Arabs and speak in nations like UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Indonesia and many others.

One of David’s books, Courts of Heaven, was birthed as a result of such visits. He says, “Many people come to God as their Father, Healer, Provider, but very often Christians don’t get back what the enemy has stolen from them because they don’t come to God as the Judge. Courts of Heaven explains how to go into the courtroom of Heaven and plead your case against the accuser of our brethren. When you learn how to do that, you will see fast results and answers to prayers that would not budge for years.”

Talking about the keys of entering into the Glory Zone, David says, “Praise the Lord and then worship Him until the Glory comes. Intimacy with God and waiting on the Lord are also important for unveiling this supernatural realm.”

Do These Two Things

David speaking at the Trump Hotel in Washington, DC at the Inauguration Prayer Breakfast

David encourages people to never give up on the call of God on their lives, because this is what brings true satisfaction. He says, “Live at 100 percent and know that when you’re in God’s will, He will provide for you more than what you would have if you had sought your own will. Nothing compares to the intimacy and closeness to Him that you experience when you are in His will.

Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all the other things—marriage, money, the place to live and even your identity—will be added to you. Number one—get started. Number two—never quit. If you do these two things, you will make it!”

To learn more about the ministry of David and Stephanie Herzog, go to

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