Miracle In The Slums

By Maria Erokhina

Northern Tanzania. Arusha city is located at the foot of Mount Meru. Its outskirts are occupied by some of the poorest people in the world. Their houses are built out of mud and cow dung mixed with ashes. There is no sewage system, and a sickening stench hangs in the air. During the rainy season, the place becomes a swamp. The area is full of witch doctors, and many suffer from demonic oppression.

Amid this appalling devastation, Pastor Naiman Shemhilu and Mbauda Pentecostal Church bring the Good News to the unprivileged and hopeless. The church began with only five people, but when they started doing Gospel outreaches in the marketplace, the power of God manifested in mighty ways – people were getting saved, delivered and healed.

As the ministry continued to grow, the church members decided to buy a small piece of land in the middle of the slums to build a place of worship. They managed to raise enough money to build the foundation and walls. Unfortunately, they didn’t have enough to complete the building and were earnestly praying for help.

Their prayers were answered through the Native Church Program at Christ For The Nations. The day the church building was dedicated turned into a joyful celebration for the whole village. Even unbelievers came to witness that great miracle. The pastor heard some of them say, “If these poor people were able to complete the church, then God is real.”

Since then, the number of the church members has considerably increased. Many Muslims have given their lives to the Lord. The building is not only used for services on Sundays, but also as a nursery school that provides meals to poor and orphaned children and teaches them skills and the Word of God on a daily basis.

The story of Mbauda Pentecostal Church is a powerful testimony that God cares for His children and can make the impossible possible. This miracle happened because of the support of friends and partners like you, who donated to CFNI’s Native Church Program. Your support of this ministry will help many people around the world experience the love and goodness of God.

Be the answer to somebody’s earnest prayers by giving to the Native Church Fund today: cfn.org/give.

For more information about the Native Church program, go to cfn.org/church-roofs.

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