By Dennis Lindsay


Everyone knows the Internet uses the World Wide Web. The Internet connects millions of computers globally, forming a network where any computer can communicate with any other computer, as long as they are both Internet-connected. The Internet is invaluable for gathering information. There are over 1 billion websites on the Internet. A single Google query uses 1,000 computers in 0.2 seconds to retrieve an answer. There are up to 500 million tweets sent per day, and 100 billion emails each day. Over 6 million hours of video are watched every month on YouTube — that’s almost one hour for every person on the Earth. Connections are vitally important in life.

God has an invisible and supernatural system for networking. I have learned that God has the power and ability to create Divine appointments for connecting people. This worldwide web (WWW) could be known as God’s “miracle magnet maze” or the MMM. God brings people together to bless them and to build His Kingdom. One of CFN’s Twelve Foundational Pillars is the Pillar of Relationships. This Pillar is about using God’s power to connect and facilitate the Great Commission.


My parents were always ­open ­to ­working ­alongside any and all believers, even if they weren’t full gospel believers. When I speak of relationships, I am not talking about creating relationships with others where you work, at church or for recreation, but with those who are not of our church or faith persuasion, who love the Lord, are following Him and may want to fellowship with us.


Dad worked with over 100 ministries in the early years of­ Christ­ For­ The Nations.­ He ­and ­Mom ­were­ always open to other churches, denominations and ministries that were not Pentecostal or Charismatic. Sometimes these ministries just wanted fellowship and were open to meeting with us or having us minister to their congregations. CFN has grown and advanced because it has promoted participation with other denominations and Christian camps of belief who became hungry for a more in-depth understanding of God, His giftings and were willing to step out of their comfortable ‘box setting’ to fellowship with us, even though they may have been cautioned to keep their distance. As a result, deep friendships were developed and relationships grew. Over time, God provided Divine contacts, connections and encounters with others who have blessed CFNI with their ­support, ­prayers and financial assistance.


It’s true, some ministers have turned out to be charlatans, while others became heavyweights in the Christian community and the Kingdom of God. Dad would share their miracle testimonies and advertise their ministries and upcoming revivals in our monthly magazine. Some of these individuals tried to take over the CFN ministry.

These ministers and their ministries have come and gone, but the foundation that Dad laid is still alive and well and is far greater in its extensive efforts of ­world ­evangelism than even he could have imagined.


We enjoyed having Dr. W. A. Criswell from the First Baptist Church in Dallas as a commencement speaker. When he graduated to Heaven, his successor,­Dr.­ Robert­ Jeffress,­ also­ spoke at our commencement. We have enjoyed fellowshipping with Southern Baptist,­ Methodist,­ Episcopal and even Charismatic Catholic ministries. We have even invited a few non-believers, like the former Jewish mayor of Dallas, to share with the students as she had become ­aware ­of ­the ­positive ­influence our students were making in Dallas. At the conclusion of her address, a student gave a message in tongues and the interpretation. CFNI leadership held their breath, but the interpretation was a Divinely anointed word from God.

During the 90s, Dr. Harold Reents was involved in higher education in the Catholic ­Church ­and­ was filled­ with the Holy Spirit. He came to CFNI to receive.­ Mom ­became ­acquainted with ­his ­proficiency and­ leadership and invited ­him ­to ­serve ­on ­staff. ­In­ time, Dr. Reents became the Academic Dean and the Director of the Institute, where he and his wife, Patty, served for many years.


Years ago, one of our Institute leaders decided our students should not work with a couple of churches in the Dallas metroplex who didn’t agree with our ministry. When I found out about this, I sent the leader a memo stating that if these ministries wanted to labor with us we would not separate ourselves from them.

As it turned out, by maintaining these friendships, our ministry has been blessed with favor and monetary gifts. I have witnessed the blessings of the Lord by maintaining an open heart toward any ministry that will allow us to serve them in any way. Throughout the years, a number of ministries have asked to use our students for various projects and conferences they were hosting.

This past summer we were invited to be at Bishop T.D. Jakes’ church, The Potter’s House, for the three-hour ­memorial service ­in ­honor ­of­ the ­five policemen who were slain in Dallas. After the worship service, I was invited onstage, and for 15 minutes, Christ For The Nations was honored for its service to Dallas, the community and The Potter’s House. CFN was the only ministry recognized with an ­estimated half a million ­TV­ watchers.­ Only ­God­ could have arranged this advertising appointment.


I’m reminded of the argument among the disciples about who was the greatest; a related dispute also arose. John, the Lord’s “beloved,” told Jesus that a certain individual was ministering in His name who was not part of their group—those who were­“appointed ­and ­anointed”­(Luke­ 9:49). ­Jesus responded, “Don’t hinder the individual who is working for God.” Apparently, the individual was working alongside of Christ and was doing well with fellowmen, weakening Satan’s kingdom. Jesus forbade the disciples from being critical of this individual in his good work of faith.

Christ For The Nations sees these ministries and individuals, that we may not be in partnership with, as doing the work of our Lord. Jesus perceived the individual to be a man of faith, not a competitor or a counterfeit. Today, we need the Holy Spirit in order to be discerning, and to be like our Lord, Who saw the grace of our Father at work in ­fulfilling ­the ­Great­ Commission.­


The Foundational Pillar of Relationships is a vital connection to God’s worldwide “miracle magnet maze.” Let God connect you to ministries that will bless you beyond your wildest imagination.

“Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of His return is drawing near” (Hebrews 10:24, 25).

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