Setting Captives Free

Ministering Deliverance to Children and Adults

By Belinda Elliott

Blenda Aycock never planned to have a ministry helping others break strongholds in their lives and walk in freedom. At one point, she wanted to study to become a lawyer, but God had other plans for her.

The married mother of two was raised as a Southern Baptist and was very involved serving at her church. She had accepted Christ at age 9 and was a devoted Christian. However, she says she never really grasped the power of the Holy Spirit working in her life until her son experienced a supernatural healing.

Three months before his high school graduation, he was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. For the next year, Aycock experienced fear and anxiety over his condition. While in a Bible study about believing God, she decided to pursue God for more in her life — including her son’s healing.

One year after he was diagnosed, he and his father were visiting Kenya. On their last day there, her son experienced emotional healing through prayer ministry. He struggled to understand all that happened to him that day and asked a couple of women on the trip to explain it. That’s when Aycock and her family were introduced to the teachings of Henry Malone in his book, Shadow Boxing.

She soon began teaching other women principles of deliverance and walking in freedom. As they saw strongholds in their lives demolished, they would often mention to her that they noticed the same patterns of bondage in their children’s lives. After more mothers began to ask her to minister to their children, Aycock asked the Lord to give her simple tools to help the children understand the principles she taught. This led to her creating a DVD of her teaching, For the Sake of 1 Times the World.

Though her ministry focuses on deliverance for children, the principles she teaches applies to everyone. To minister to children, adults must first understand and apply these principles in their own lives. As they do, and they experience freedom, others will begin to come to them for ministry.

“We’re like a lighthouse to people,” she explains. “They don’t know what it is at times. They may not be able to call it the anointing, but they are drawn to us. You don’t have to go out and find people who are hurting. You’re like a magnet and they start coming to you.”

That is why it is important for Christians to understand the ministry of deliverance and be empowered to walk in it. A crucial starting point for ministering deliverance is identifying the ways the enemy gains access to our lives, she says.

“The enemy does not hang around with you all the time,” she explains. “He doesn’t have the ability to be all places at all times— only the Holy Spirit does — but he roams and seeks whom he may devour. He is looking for someone who is weak emotionally, physically or financially. The battle is so much in the mind.”

There are five primary ways the enemy gains access to us.

Disobedience– Christians need to understand and teach their children that delayed obedience is disobedience. Children will learn the spiritual concept of obedience easier if obedience it modeled for them in the home, Aycock says.

Inner Vows and Judgments– This principle applies more to adults, Aycock says, when Christians make declarative statements about their lives using words like “always” or “never.” One might say, “I’ll always be single.” This could go against plans the Holy Spirit has for them to marry, because they have closed themselves off to it.

Emotional Trauma– Aycock estimates that 60-70 percent of the children she ministers to have experienced emotional trauma. This could be anything from not making the soccer team or not getting invited to a party to abuse, divorce or a death in the family. “A negative circumstance that leaves you with a negative mindset is a trauma.”

Curses– Christians must understand the power of their tongues, Aycock explains. “A curse is anything that doesn’t encourage you or make you feel good,” she tells children. “Life and death is in the power of the tongue.” Often, people take the identity or label that was given to them at some point in their childhood — labels like “stupid,” “ugly” or “fat.”

“It’s identity theft,” Aycock says. “We need to teach children not to let this stick on them. I teach them in the name of Jesus to destroy the power of words.” God’s power is also available to break generational curses like alcoholism or suicide. “The Word of God tells us in the name of Jesus you have the authority to break every curse and call forth blessings,” she explains.

Unforgiveness– A key to unlocking unforgiveness is giving Jesus the pain you experienced when someone hurt you. Christians often find themselves needing to forgive people for the same offense over and over because they haven’t dealt with the pain of the experience. “Pain is the enemy’s playground,” Aycock says. “If you want to take authority over it and regain the dominion, we must give Jesus the pain.”

Whether ministering to children or adults, Christians must remember no one is too young to be used by God. “There is no junior Holy Spirit,” she says. “God is raising up a generation that is willing to listen. You’ve got to be equipped for such a time as this.”

Keys to Ministering to Children

Make sure children feel safe. Ministry can occur at the child’s home, church, or somewhere they are familiar with. It’s also a good idea to have someone ministering alongside you who the child knows and is comfortable with.

Use play to get children to talk about issues that are bothering them. “Give them some play dough or a piece of paper and some crayons, and while they are doodling or playing, we’re just talking and you’re listening because out from the heart speaks the tongue,” Aycock explains.

Deal with only the issues that are exposed. Much like going to a doctor for a specific pain or illness, ministry should focus only on the one or two things the child mentions. There is no need to “dig deeper” for more areas of concern. These will come up at future times, and the child will be more equipped to deal with them.

Aycock’s teachings are available for free through her church’s website and can also be seen on YouTube. Interested in more teaching about healing and deliverance? Go to and register for the Voice of Healing Conference.

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