Are You a Nehemiah?

If you read through the book of Nehemiah you will find stunning similarities between where we are at as a nation and where Jerusalem was in 423B.C. Nehemiah was serving as a cupbearer for King Artaxerxes in Persia when word reached him that the wall of Jerusalem was broken down and its gates were burned with fire. This was a problem because God’s temple in Jerusalem was beginning to be rebuilt but, without walls surrounding Jerusalem, it was still open for attack from Israel’s enemies.

Now, before you get too scared, I have to say that the Ammonites, Samarians or Babylonians are not attacking America! Nonetheless, we are up against our own foes- abortion, gay marriage and sex trafficking to name a few- that are breaking down the walls of your city, your state and even this nation. Now God is sovereign…He knows what is going on. At the same time, He is calling a Nehemiah generation to stand up and declare, “Let’s rise up and build.” He is calling a generation to know Him and live by His truths and principles in the middle of a world full of sin, immorality and corruption. Like Nehemiah, when you stand up for God’s truth, you will be mocked, laughed at and despised.  But do not fear, for Jesus tells us “in the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world” (John 16:32).


What did Nehemiah do in the midst of his troubles and afflictions that we can implement in our daily lives?


  1.  Nehemiah fasted and prayed (Prayer) (Nehemiah 1:4).
  2.  He acted on his faith in God (Action) (Nehemiah 2:20, Nehemiah 4:17).
  3.  Nehemiah looked to see if his plan was working (Evaluation) (Nehemiah 6:15).


The keys to Nehemiah’s success were his fear of God and his relationship with God. God is looking for Nehemiah’s that will rebuild the walls of Business, Government, Education, Family, Religion, Media and the Arts- the structures that our society is built upon.


Are you a Nehemiah? Decide to pray, take action and evaluate your efforts and do not forget, “your God will fight for you.”


-by Brendan Hewitt

Brendan Hewitt is a student at Christ for the Nations Institute in the Youth Major Program. He enjoys being outdoors and especially hunting, fishing and camping. 


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