Hope That Perseveres

by Carolyn Hope

Even when there was no reason for hope, Abraham kept hoping—believing that he would become the father of many nations. For God had said to him, “That’s how many descendants you will have!” (Romans 4:18)

Abraham’s story is a very beautiful picture of hope. This man was 75 years old and had no children. His wife Sarah was 65, far too old to produce a child. Still, it was at this time that God began promising Abraham an heir of his own. In one instance He appeared before Abraham and declared that he would have descendants too numerous to count (see Genesis 15:5). Abraham believed God’s promise, a promise that was outrageous in the natural but certain in the spiritual. Then for 25 years, he waited. He waited, and waited, and waited. He did not, however, in his waiting forget. He didn’t put the promise to the side or set it on the shelf. Abraham kept hoping, and his hope was fulfilled. Sarah gave birth to Isaac when she was 90 years old (Abraham was 100!), beginning the lineage of the Israelites, a people and nation that has stood for thousands of years.

Hope is not passive. Hope is active. It perseveres through every trial, every circumstance, and every year. Hope refuses to give up, even when all the odds are stacked against it. When all is hopeless, hope remains. Those who hold onto hope and will not let go will receive their promises. Relentless hope in the Lord always leads to fulfillment.

Wherever you are, there is hope for you. There are promises from God for your life, and they will come to pass. It may take weeks, months, or years of waiting, persistent hope, but if you will refuse to believe anything less than what God has said, you will receive what you are hoping for. God’s Word never returns void (Isaiah 55:11) and always proves true (2 Samuel 22:31 and Proverbs 30:5). Keep hoping today, as Abraham did. Don’t put your promises on the shelf or pretend they aren’t important. Allow your heart to hope, Dear One.

One of the ways you can persevere in your hope is to pray over your hopes and dreams. Read the Scriptures and remind yourself of the Lord’s promises. As you pray and stand on the Word, you are adding fuel to the fire of hope, strengthening it to withstand the winds and rains that come against it. The world we live in is full of discouragement, and there are many times when it seems too hard to hope. If you’ll be diligent and keep hoping, you will get what you asked for. Don’t lose your hope, Child of God. It’s a precious light in the darkness around us.

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