by Carolyn Hope

Life is full of different relationships. Every person is unique, and as such, so is every relationship or interaction between two or more people. Sometimes, relationships can get extremely challenging or perhaps seem like a drag. As a task-oriented person, I can attest to occasionally feeling like people are distractions. In reality, however, life is about relationships and people; indeed, God is about relationships and people.

This week, I want to explore a few different types of relationships, highlighted in some accounts from Scripture. The way we act toward family and the way we behave with friends is not the same. While in no way will this be a thorough, complete, or exhaustive exploration, I hope to get you started in viewing the interactions of people in Scripture as relational advice for our own lives. From foreign relations to the relationship we have with our Father in heaven, the Bible covers it all. Every story, record, and verse in the Word is full of principles that are beneficial for the life God has called us to live.

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